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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Danny_Dravot, Jul 27, 2005.

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  1. in the latest Officer magazine, the OC of Blenheim Coy RMAS, Royal Irish, appears to be wearing a blue beret...or, is it green and just not reproduced very well????

    my eyes are old, my nose is knackered etc etc
  2. Green and not produced very well matey.
  3. R IRISH seem to wear both the Caubeen and the Beret- at least a guy in my Coy did, but he was Home Service.
  4. My Pl Comd at RMAS was R IRISH and he wore both depending on the day of the week, moon phase etc...
  5. Does anyone else miss side-caps?

  6. No, a Glengarry is much better.

    Line Infantry at one time all wore the Glengarry, not just the Scots. It should be made a requirement again under FIS
  7. Could any Scottish officer please describe how to wear a balmoral. Pictures always seem inconclusive, should it be worn forward, like a beret, or sort of half and half, with a bit of the brim pushing forward front left?
  8. Inconclusive pictures? It should be quite clear it isn't worn as a beret

    I don't really understand your description.

    Badge/cockade is worn over left temple, top edge is pulled forward and to the right eye usually. Toorie should be centred at the top.

    Not like a beret with badge over left eye and pulled to right side. (yes that's a simplistic description)
  9. The Liverpool Irish wear a Green Caubeen with a Royal Artillery capbadge on the right temple with a blue and red hackle, and the normal RA blue beret (when forced to!)
  10. Some Regts still wear them (we do and we are English Line Infantry as well).
  11. Never had one but I can certainly see their advantages over the beret.
  12. So much more comfortable; none of that flipping shaping and moulding b*llocks.

    Bring 'em back.

    Bl**dy hell, I'm starting to sound like an old fart.

  13. Chip hats all the way..... ish