Regimental Entry?

Anyone able to shed any light on what actually constitutes a Regimental Entry resulting from summary dealings?

I have heard differing versions - basically, my query is this..

I am aware that it will be determined by an award of 7 days (or over) stoppage / mil fine but if an offence is dealt with at Regimental level, ie by the CO, does this automatically constitute a Regi entry, regardless of the award?

Thanks in advance.

Not in the discip chain but I know from experience that you don't get a Regt Entry just from going on co's and getting a fine. I think it has to be more than six days pay or six days in nick. Been on CO's 4 times with fines of £50, £250, £400 and civi offence. Got Regt Entry for £400 and Civi offence :cry:
Anything more than 7 days gross pay is deemed to be a Regimental Entry.

Any restrictions of privileges of more than 7 days is deemed to be a Regimental Entry.

There are lots more of course, but just being on CO's orders (Summary Dealing) will not automatically get you a Regimental Entry.
I think that any award given by the CO to a SNCO at or above SSGT is an automatic Regimental entry unless things have changed.
Quote from Annex H to Ch 5 of Qrs - (Regimental entries):

5. The following summary awards are to be entered:
a. Every reprimand of a substantive colour sergeant or equivalent rank and every severe reprimand of other NCOs by the commanding officer.
b. Every case in which the commanding officer orders deprivation of acting rank or lance appointment for an offence under section 78(4) of the Army Act 1955.
c. Every award of detention by the commanding officer.
d. Every award by the commanding officer of a fine which exceeds the aggregate of 7 days gross pay. In the case of a substantive colour sergeant or equivalent rank every award of a fine.
e. Every case of restriction of privileges exceeding 7 days.
f. Awards of punishment under the Naval Discipline Act, or any act amending or replacing the same, or Air Force Act 1955. Every award of punishment which is equivalent to a punishment awarded under the Army Act 1955, involving a regimental entry.
g. Any award of close confinement restricted diet No 1 or forfeiture of remission awarded while undergoing sentences of imprisonment or detention.
if you do get a regimental entry and you think you deserve your LS and GC at the fifteen year point in your career then you can write a letter of mitigation. hope this helps!

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