Regimental Duties - A new trade?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by chocolate_frog, Feb 7, 2009.

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  1. Whilst wandering around the garages the other day, we got in a bit of discussion about trades and training within the Corps.

    And wondered about the creation of a new trade for Regimental Duties. (The Royal Signals used to have a General Duties or we could call it Regimental Specialist as per REME or perhaps Non-Communications Support Specialist :D ).


    The thinking went along the lines of allowing ANY Class 2 LCpl or higher to formally retrade to this specialisation.

    Those in this trade would be selected for duties such as Phase 1 instructor (junior and adult), Mil Trg slots (phase 2 and in unit), APTI, RP duties and suchlike.

    Appointments such as RQMS (A), Training WO and similar could be opened to them with commisioning routes such as QM (A) and Regt Trg Officer.

    SQMS in some units could also be given, with the thinking that the new Lineystoreman could take the specialised SQMS slots, RQMS (T) and MTWO slots, and that these should be considered as Supervisory slots in the same way as Foreman or Yeoman. (Doesn't mean they get the badge though). Edit, i suppose a better term would be "tied promotion routes" ie Driver Storeman, SQMS, MTWO, RQMS (T), QM (T)/MTO.
    Tech, Foreman/Tech SSgt-Tech WO.

    It was thought that SSM and RSM, maybe even RQMS (a) should be left open to ALL trades bar those who had already moved in to a supervisor slot (hence the above classificaion of RQMS (T) and MTWO), nor anyone who had opted for WOiT.

    It was sort of hoped that this parrellel trade would allow those who wish to pursue the RD side of things would then not be expected to compete on the trade side also. ie the class 2 tech who knows they MUST complete a one year long Class 1 course, when they don't want to. Retrading would take longer.

    Transfer to Class 2 could be a sort of one year probation/qual up period. With Class 1 NCSS being awarded on either attendance of the relevant courses AND/OR a specific Class 1 course at Blandford.

    ie Obtain APTI cse, MLT and RP course = Cl 1 NCSS.
    Obtain OA SAA, Kayak Instr and CBRN = Cl 1 NCSS.
    Or CBRN, Top rope and abseil and Class 1 NCSS cse = Cl 1 NCSS.

    Pay would be set at Lower, but with Cl 1 could come Full screw rank. Given the nature of most of the roles that would be undertaken by the NCSS this seems fair, and would perhaps require the use of cse specific for retrade.

  2. REME Regimental Specialists used to be called Regimental Duties many years ago and what you are suggesting is broadly similar to what our RS guys do :D
  3. sounds a good idea in theory but as one who hates RD knobs as i like to think of them it could only work if they don't get stuck in the training cycle and actually get on tour to see what really happens. A sour point i know but im sick of being taught/spoken to like an idiot from people who's last tour was kosovo/early Telic and think that the pam is the be all and end all. That said it would be a good chance for ED/Liney trades to advance easier.
  4. Nice idea C_F, but not going to happen, far to much thinking
    involved :wink:

    Clay bloke, FFS, whats wrong? Some nasty RD type told you off?

    Gayer :roll:
  5. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    whoah wind back..... Lineystoreman as a trade? thats the G10 account fucked then.
  6. Dry your eyes princess!! :wink:
  7. That IS a fair point. Those that deliver the training SHOULD be up to speed on what is happening in the real world, but the PAM IS the be all and end all.

    This isn't envisioned as a "stuck in depot" trade. There would be tasks for them out in theatre. FP perhaps, in theatre training and for a secondary role GDs could always drive, and act as watchkeepers or telephone orderlies.
  8. But pams aren't necessarily perfect and they can always be improved on.
  9. That is pretty much what I meant. But you have to have a common baseline.
  10. For us oldies from the Corps what you are suggesting is something similar to the old Combat Signalman trade, but with quals :wink:

    Use to find the cbt siggy trades in gyms/stores/post rooms or anywhere else for that matter, that wasn't actually involved in comms itself.

    I am well out of the loop these days, but will it be long before they have

    Cbt Lineman, Cbt Powermen, Cbt Radiomen, DTG RTG and .......techs :)
  11. What about semaphore specialists?
  12. I heard you were a dab hand the flags PD :)
  13. Agree, makes too much sense. Soldiers chose a non trade route early in their career, we are wasting money giving them trade skills they will not use.
  14. i know, i've thought of a name for this new trade, combat signalman...
  15. So we want a trade within the Royal Signals that has nothing to do with signalling? A bit like chefs, clerks, VMs etc? What's the recruiting pitch? "right fella, you're joining the most technologically advanced mob in the army, but after 3 years you'll never touch anything to do with comms". Could be a challenge....