Regimental Drummers as Skeletons

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by geo_ninja, Jun 14, 2010.

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  1. Having a mind fart at the moment trying to remember what Battalion/Regiment the drummers put on a show dressed as skeletons. It was very impressive and I am trying to get them again (several years later) but can't remember the unit. Any ideas/contact details?

    Seem to think it may have been the Royal anglians but not sure!!

  2. Pretty sure it was the angle irons, they performed in various messes in Hohne, the act was brilliant to watch "blue light" on white gloves and costumes in a darkened room, you could try their home h.q. web for confirmation, it was def a CELLE based Btn.
  3. RRF were in Celle, early '80s - they also happen to be a 'drumming' Regt, though I can't recall ever seeing Fusilier drummers in skeleton order (see what I did there . . )
  4. The HSY ACF Corp of Drums used to do it im assuming in imitation but on the brigh side they would be cheaper :p
  5. I take it from your name that you're a Geo, if so it would have been 1 RGBW's Corp of Drums. I was one of the not so skinny skeletons.
  6. definitely my old batt The Poachers, i'm trying to track down a video of the routine at the moment but no luck so far
  7. RRF do it. They have UV skeleton suits and lights as well. Turn all the lights off except UV. It looks pretty good.
  8. The Gibraltar Regt do as well. Like Ops said, it looks pretty good. Especially when the one with a cheeky grin mask always 'pretends' to fuck up.
  9. I don't suppose you know if they are still doing it?
  10. The RGBW were amalgamated into 1 rifles so no longer have a corp of drums. It might be worth contacting the RRF Who are based in Hounslow to see whether their drummers have a similar display.
  11. 3 Royal Anglian's corps of drums do the skeleton routine
  12. As do 1 Yorks (PWO)
  13. Cheers chaps, I'll do some digging!! :)
  14. So, to conclude, any regt with drums can do it :)
  15. Sorry, thought this was going to be a winter sports/luge thread.