Regimental Crappers.

I posted an earlier thread about getting ones knob out on public duties.It got me thinking about a guy in my battalion years ago who liked to expose others to his hairy arse when he had the "council gritter".
Two occasions spring to mind.
PVCP in Fermanagh many moons ago,he sticks his rear end out of the sangar window and proceeds to let loose a litre or two of bum gravy,narrowly missing the two roadmen and a family of civvies passing through in their car.
Another time whilst on exercise f uck knows where,a sproggy Rupert just in the battalion a matter of days,has the map out on the ground with the lads all around looking on.G*** decides to dump his diarumpus all over map.
Does anyone else know of any other regimental shi tting personalties?
A troop Sgt of mine had absolutely no problem having a carp wherever he wanted including in front of the brand new female troop commander who had only just flown out to Canada to get an idea of what the Sqn was like.

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