Regimental Career Warrant Ofiicers in the RAMC

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Ventress, Aug 11, 2003.

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  1. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Is there a place for FTRS or LSL RAMC WO's within Med Regts or Fd Hosps as Career WO's?

    I see they could do the job as a 20 odd year CMT with that experiance be an asset to the younger soldier with impartial advice and direction in most matters the young soldier may have difficulty in.

    Like which course to do, go Fd Unit or Medical centre.

    To go QM's or give P Coy a go? Wether to re-dress a AR.

    To be an instructor at ATR or transfer to a new Corps.

    All questions a WO could give guidence on, unlike a LE re-tread, who doesn't know what a Fd Hosp does.

    Advice that the new OC's may struggle in putting together.
  2. Good point Q man as all our boys and girls get now is an LE TFI who has done a Regimental Careers Advisors course but does not know the nuts and bolts of the AMS. Where as a WO will not only know the nuts and bolts but will also have contacts and experiences with in the AMS ther fore surely able to better advise the individuals.
  3. Why an LSL WO why not just commission him and not give up a slot to a re-tread ?
  4. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I was just saving the Corps some money! The Navy use Executive WO (any branch) onboard ship and they do the same job! It works very well, so it appears chatting to Captain Pugwash!
  5. If the navy are using it we are bound to adopt the same in a few years time. As always where the other services and corps lead the AMS are sure to follow!!!
  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Thats even if the Navy find out it doesn't work- we will still trundle along for 10 years and then say- hang on, that doesn't work!
  7. Won't be the first time. Regiments adopt a policy find out it does not work then reinvent the wheel. How ever the AMS believe they can make it work so they adopt the binned policy, then find out years down the line that is does not actully work and again reinvent the wheel themselves. Why don't the big cheeses make policy decisions together which would save us all heart ache. Then we will all see that it does not work and the AMS do not end up ten years behind the curve on the off chance that one of these things may turn out to work.
  8. Good idea, however I see a few problems with your "Baldrick" style plan:

    1: FTRS are only employed on a two year contract to fill a post, if the army can'not find somebody to fill the postion from within the army. Thus what you are suggesting is that the RAMC fill a WO post from outside the corp which it could easily fill from within the corp. So you would be getting a carrer adviser who has just blocked an entire line of promotion. I would like to hear his advice to those who's career they have just put on hold.

    2: Are you also suggesting that an individual who as been out of the medical services for a number of months/years is more upto date than for instance than a serving S/sgt, WO2 or evan the unit RSM, reference career information I think not.

    QMan sounds like you are trying to get a job when you are demobed. Hope the 10 items or less checkout at Tesco's is not to stressful upon your return. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  9. Ther is no requirment for a WO to hold up the promotion of a soldier. We seem to have enough WO's to fill created analytical posts at AMD why can they not be used to give career advice. AMSMCM DIV make posts avaliable when it suits, so let us see them do something useful and create WO career advisor roles within the Regts/FD Hosp to assist the LE TFI with advising our soldiers correctly and therfore hopefully retaining them for longer.
  10. So who will get these WO's to give career advice. Can we look forward to Lab Tech's, ODP's and Phys med tech's in MDHU's having there own WO to give career advice or would it be one WO's hat fits all.
  11. The Tech trades within the AMS do not need the same career advice they no what they have to acheive because ther trades are gouverned by civilian bodies. With the possible introduction of the Tech WO rank I think they are pretty much taken care of. As for who is going to get these WO's to give advice any decent WO is going to want to give advice to his/her soldiers. Most of the do it on a daily basis so why not create posts for it and in turn enhance promotion prospects. Admitadly it is not going to be everyone's cup of tea.
  12. My RCMO is an Ex RLC RSWO has no idea what a new or old CMT requires ?


    Nice bloke in the wrong job !
  13. Lets face it! We do our 22 and get to WO and get out.

    The Corps doesn't need us then, they have experience coming through the ranks! Added to this is the wealth of experience of the ex infantry, tankies, signals, clerks, guards etc etc.

    Lets face it, if we were as good as them 'we' would get a commission in 'our' corps!

    Besides, they will call us back in when they need Op post filling anyhow............right Q?
  14. TM

    all this lovin and huggin fostered by Fozzie is making you and I think alike ?

    See my post on another thread.

    I thought it was Pooh Bear but Pooh nob is more appropriate !
  15. Come on NewQ............

    ........................happy thoughts................happy thoughts............ :twisted: