Regimental Cap Badges.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Admin_Spice, Aug 17, 2003.

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  1. Rumour,

    The 9 TA Inf units in the UK will bin the different Regimental Cap Badges. They will wear a new TA Inf Regimental cap badge based on the unit flash.

    What do you think?
  2. never happen i aint giving up my badge
  3. It is currently the hot topic, by 2010 I bet you it does.
  4. It's inevitable.

    As much as we all hate the idea and each comany within the regional battalions have their own history, the multi-capbadge regiment system will die out. It's not going to be a fast thing and is going to have to wait until the more senior appointments in each battalion are from those that really only remember serving in the "new" battalion. But as the different companies exercise with each other more and more, they start to get used to each other and while a healthy rivalry still exists you're actually allowed to associate across the capdages and not get sneered at by your own.

    To plays devil's advocate: what is so bad about it anyway. Yes I'm proud of my Regiment and capbadge and would seriously dislike serving in another company within the battalion, yet unless we're are all prepared to fight together to support the regional battalions we'll only end up as the losers next time there are cuts within the TA inf. Furthermore, as cross-company appointments become more common, I'd rather serve under the amalgamated capdage of a new regiment than serve in someone elses. I'm never going to have the same level of commitment to someone else's capbadge as my own, but if mine has become a new regiment then at least I can feel loyal to that without feeling a traitor to my former capbadge.

    I believe that this is an inevitability, the only thing to do now is to work out how to make the best of it.
  5. I think the Royal Corps of TA Infantry is inevitable.

    It is going to happen, I think they're just trying to find the most palatable way of presenting it.
  6. HLS

    HLS Old-Salt

    Bad news, this is the thin edge of the wedge. :evil:

    Would these 'new' units still retain links with their 'parent' Regular Regiments, and if so on what basis. If you think the TA lads would be a bit pissed at having to re-badge it would be nothing compared to a Reg Battalion having a composite unit attached for a tour of duty, which had some spurious connection to them.

    OK so the TA Inf units have over the years been reduced or amalgamated into their current formations (as have the Regs) but there are historic ties to regions or counties which would not be as obvious if they were renamed 1st Battalion Royal Corps of Infanty (Eastern Counties) or some such nonsence. What happens to Battle Honours, traditions, unit history........fcuks sake gents.

    When I was in we had 4,10 & 15 Para lads and blokes from 21 & 23 on attachment for various tours, there were the usual STAB / ARAB discussions but at the end of the day they were of a like mind and things soon settled down as I suspect it does in most Reg units when TA lads are attached, if we had had some no-name units bloke turn up we would have been anti from the off and it would have got worse I can assure you.

    If this does go through we are in danger of having an Army like the Spams who bizarrely have spent decades building up unit and Regimental systems based on ours..................gobsmacked. :(
  7. where would that leave SAS ?
    regimental loyalty is one of the greatest strength of the army
  8. Clearly something else to be fought, as there will doubtless be SDR 2 by the end of this decade, and there certainly are NOT any plans to enlarge the TA until its current use and mission is finally clarified. Else we will end up with platoons and troops holding onto old regimental affiliations.
  9. They probably only need one cap badge as only one regiment will be left.
  10. THe Battalion i serve in has 4 companies and 3 diffrent cap badges
    healthy rivalry is one thing but when the battlion cant even march at same pace you have to wonder at the point .
    But latest scheme about moblisation is ta company will supply platoon to reg battalion so guess keeping cap badges is good idea what ever happened to one army concept ?
    Were we not going to be smaller ta but fitter and equipped like our regular counterparts . Anyone got a2 ,minimi ,nvg ,cba with plates?
    Before some reg jumps down my throat about wanting all this shiny kit just pointing out the government lies they want a body of men to support regulars but are not prepared to train them or equip them or
    legislate so employers have to support ta
  11. I heard the Inf TA was increasing in size to support its new CCRF role, each Bn was to get a proper HQ

    East & West Riding Regt already has a platoon with a different territorial regimental association 'Leeds Rifles' (capbadged PWO).
  12. If this is the way we are going it may be more oppotune to look at the pre second world war TA and resurrect some of the old purely TA regiments that were disbanded, like for instance the Queen Victoria's Rifles.

    At least it would provide some historical continuity.

    After all London Scottish have a seperate regimental identity.

    Handled properly it could work quite well.

    Rather we had proper TA inf like we used to though.....

  13. That may be the case for the English, Scots and Welsh Bns but in Northern Ireland we had one TA Inf Bn with a single identity (Ok yes they have tagged a cav sqn on to the Battlegroup as well). Yes, we have been created through years of amalgamations but now the Bn bears the name of one of our predecessor regiments The Royal Irish Rangers (even though we are part of the Royal Irish Regiment it's for reasons of disassociation we're called that).

    You would have the whole country up in arms if you tried to rename the Rangers or re-capbadge us due to amount of history and close regional ties that we have. :evil:

    However having recently been on a course with loads of TA soldiers from all over the UK I did find the issue of several different soldiers being from the same Bn but wearing different capbadges very confusing initially. Mind you it is easy to get used to and to every single one of them had pride in wearing their particular capbadge.

    How can we foster unit pride in our uniform and history if you take that all away? I'm extremely proud of the traditions and battle honours that my regiment has and glad to be able to pass those on to new soldiers and officers that join.

    On the CCRF note we've re-established our signals pl within HQ Coy and the rumour mill has been grinding out a story that we are to be given our 3rd coy back that was taken off us by SDR.
  14. Trotsky,

    Queen Vics is now 17 Pl F Coy Londons (was 3 Bns of the Old London Regt in WW1!!). The Mortar Pl is what remains of the Queen's Westminster Rifles and the Civil Service rifles and 18pl F Coy is the London Rifle Brigade.

    The company is extremely proud of its heritage but has a mammoth task every remembrance as they have to support St Paul's Catherdral, Westminster Abbey, Davies Street (QVRs) Victoria (RB and LRB), Fulham, Parson's Green and the RGJ Regimental Service at Hannover Square. The company has had to end it's presence at St Botolph's and Somerset House as there are not enough Officers and blokes to go round.
  15. Gingeewhinger,

    Hmm.... more rumors of TA increases. My current scaley back unit is rumoured to be getting a 4th Sqn, (I left inf at last SDR).

    Keeping these increases quiet aren't they.