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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by staychilled, Aug 15, 2011.

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  1. Hi..looking for some input.

    My company StayChilled is a small company producing its unique bottle cooler design under license which replicate the kits from some of the world's biggest sporting brands.

    You can see what our designs look like at Kit Coolers | Premiership | Football | Rugby | Cricket | Staychilled Ltd

    We were asked by Help For Heroes to produce a range for them which I was more than happy to do and also became a commercial fundraiser to get as many of these sold as possible.

    We're constantly asked whether we have any coolers specific to particular regiments so we're looking to do that as fundraisers for H4H.

    Problem being everyone has different requests and not sure what to go with first and what would be most popular as we'd like to raise as much possible thoughts.

    We looking for ideas..any chance posting a top three for us??

    Much appreciated
    Kit Coolers | Premiership | Football | Rugby | Cricket | Staychilled Ltd

    NOTE: Permission to post this was given by Good CO
  2. Well, If you want to make a fortune; I'd start with the SAS and Paras because you'll sell thousands to walts.

    Since the coolers for charity, then the Help For Heroes one is fine, you don't need to cater for a small market. If it was a separate money making operation - I have no problems with the latter because you're doing your bit and should be thanked for that - I'd go with a Generic Multicam pattern. I suppose you could go with a generic Red Tunic Guardsman as well.

    Have you thought about overseas? Knocking some up in Marpat, Air Force Tiger Stripe and Multicam for the US market?
  3. Great Ideas for the cam but I would go with Blue-Red-Blue for Guardsmen, the Tunic Scarlet would probably not sell as well.

    The Para and SAS ones would fly out the door (see what I did there?)

    Edited to say, had I looked at the designs first, I wouldn't have come across as such a numpty on the tunic thing. Please ignore me, I'm going away now. Good luck with whatever you do.
  4. Thanks for that. Really appreciated. All the forces designs will be for Help For Heroes so not a question of making a fortune but what is going to be popular to raise as much as possible so SAS or Paras I suppose would be up there. Like the red tunic guardsmen idea. That would look good.

  5. How would you do the SAS or Paras? As i see it, the stable belt and wings could just be extras like the sports teams numbers and names, thus allowing for the current design to be only slightly modified to encompass this.

    The Guards tunic would look good, as would a Rifles tunic (the design of the item may have to be changed to incorporate the high neck), RM blues (again, high neck), and possibly a Sailors suit. If you could knock up some pictures to give us an idea of how they would look, that would be good.
  6. I still think you should do these for the US Market. Should be a nice little money earner. Auscam and Cadpat for our Commonwealth friends.
  7. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    You're going to run into problem on MOQ from your Chinese factory - or else you'll bite the bullet and end up with 10,000 units of some regiment that no one wants to buy.

    You should look at a generic unit that you can personalise with decals - adhesive/hot stamp or whatever works on your material.

    As a business idea however if you have Olympics contracts you should last about 18 months, if you just work for these guys I'd start job hunting because frankly it doesn't really get hot enough here to make having a "cooler" around your drink a requirement that will make people rush out and buy your stuff.

    Beer coolers in Thailand I can understand - slightly naff looking water bottle coolers in the UK - what on earth was everyone thinking?
  8. Schaden, this idea will raise some money for the lads & lassies who are getting stuck in at the sharp end. So buy a couple......or I'll cut yer balls off :)

    (I've just bought a couple)
  9. Personally I think they suck, but thats just my opinion. I reckon the guardsman idea is good and the navy one......could do a RAF one too. Maybe you can do a Union flag one.

    I like this:


    I have a similar one at home that is in the Aussie flag colours for beers...can't find a pic of it though
  10. I would have to recommend a Gunner pattern one. It makes complete commercial sense, not only are there more Gunners/ex-Gunners than any other cap badge but we all drink like fishes. In fact rumour has it that at the Piscine School of Drinking there is an exchange posting Gunner acting as CI...