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Regimental Battle Music...

Battle music appropriate to regiment or corps...

RAC - Back in black
RAF Regt - Walting on sunshine
RLC - Rollin' rollin'
REME - Can we fix it...

Thoughts and suggestions please gentlemen...
'Them': Paperback writer
ACC: Poison
AAC: Apache
RAOC: Blanket on the ground
RAC: T(h)anks for the memories or Young, gifted and black
Sigs: Silence is golden
RE: Bridge Over troubled water
REME (Aviation): Bat out of hell
Them... "camoflage"

RAMC - Doctor, Doctor can't you see I'm burning or Shakespeares Sister "Stay with me"

ACF/CCF - Kate Bush, Army Dreamers

Adv Trg Instructors - These mist covered mountains (Brothers in Arms, Dire Straits).

Para Reg - When the going get's tough :D

CAMus - I am the music man :D

RAC (not RTR) - Two little boys had two little toys

RTR - Paint it black.

WRAC - Uptown girl :twisted:

EOD - Demolition Man, the police.

RMP - Every breath you take, the police.

AGC (RAPC) - I want money, the flying lizards

EW - Airwave, rank #1 (I hear you, over the Airwave) :D

RAVC - Dumb dog why are you following me (from Annie).

RA - Two short planks.

Pioneers - Dig It - D Tent boys.

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