Regimental Baths

Discussion in 'RAC' started by flyinghussar, Jan 13, 2008.

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  1. I just wondered whether the regi bath still happens. You remember bass broom scrubbing brush and Ajax. This only ever occured in extreme cases when some unclean person persistantly let the troop down because he was gungy. I suppose in these political correct days it wouldnt occur. would it ?
  2. Last time I was aware of one was mid 90's...
  3. Ajax was only for mildly offensive mingingness, it was Glitto for the serious mingers!
  4. I recall one in 1995 if that helps.
  5. But youve started washing yourself after it eh Boss :D

    I wonder if bumper races and drying room visits are still happening :wink:
  6. I remember one being administered in early 1968 at JLR.
  7. Are there still mobile bath units?We went to a couple of them in early sixties.I thought they were something out of a 'Carry On' film,but with a fresh dhobi bundle they were very welcome after a couple of weeks kipping on back decks etc.Sobering sight afterwards seeing a tsunami of sludge,long johns,string vests etc.being washed downstream exterminating all wild life in the vicinity for years to come.
  8. Still alive in 1988
  9. Oh yes..... honest guv I tried to stop them brooming the grotty Air Tech to be :D
  10. I observed a court marshall for one in 1999.

    3 discharged following 28 days Colchester
  11. When did MDN leave the Army, just remembered it was 1997, sorry wrong guy :wink:
  12. Smokey we could be thinking if the same event I joined JLR Bovy feb 68. Bsqn. We had a particularly gungy chap surname began with F ended in N he got seriously bathed inc aftershave on the nether regions. He did look after himself after that so the system worked cruel as it may seem now. He is probably a very decent chap now or he may have been scarred for life!!! :) Having said that I think they were quite common during boy service in those days and certainly common in public and boarding schools.....
  13. Happened in '69 too - a lad called Clapham in my troop (C1) who was also overweight and useless at everything he tried to do. He didn't make it past the 3rd term (probably became a politician then.... 8O )
  14. We had one in '85, ex army cadet, thought he knew everything and was as hard as nails(hahahaha), took him on the ranges, had to tab back, couldn't do it. Reggie bath was administered when it was found out in week 4, that although he had gone into the ablutions, no one had actually seen him wash, 2 days later,PVRd. Platoon screws knew about it and said nothing.
  15. They were going on at JLR in 85/86 for mingers. The case I remember was pretty bad. Although a nice bloke, he was truly minging. Made his room help clean his kit and wash down his locker - we had a big room inspection the next morning and they ahd known he was minging for ages and hadnt sorted it out. before I knew it he was in a regi bath - hadnt even heard of it until then.

    It's pretty horrible. In a bath full of god knows what and then a hard broom or two used to scrub.

    Put a stop to it as soon as I cottoned on. Last laugh was on the blokes who came up with the idea. It was the bath at their end so they had to clean it...!

    The bloke turned out pretty well but I don't think the bath helped.