Regimental and military tattoos - walt or not?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Thud, Mar 31, 2010.

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  1. This question came a bit out of the blue from a doctor of my acquaintance

    'some of my heroin user patients have barely credible histories and interesting (para)military-looking tattoos...could you ask around and see if any of your colleagues can provide a link to a website showing paramilitary tattoos as well as the armed forces ones so that I can check them out.'

    Can anyone help - could be fun to compare the best and the worst tatts as well as outing some Walts along the way.
  2. When were you on pre para regards JJ
  3. After I left the reg's I joined my local stab engineer Regt (101 EOD) On a weekend at Chattenden Barracks 1991 ish I met some local inbred from the medway towns who had just joined up. He was a scrawny spotty oik covered in tattoos. Tattooed around both wrists were "583 Sqn EOD RE (V)
    Spelt in full, no abbreviations! also with a bomb as well. He spent the weekend watching "his" land rover in case anyone touched it. I never saw him/it again I believe he did an attachment to Kenya with a regular Regiment and was afterwards asked to leave.
  4. Awesome album!

    Pure beef throughout
  5. I did mine in 84 definately not a Lt by a long chalk. If you were there in 94 you would know who I am since there was not many JJ's in 216
  6. That link brought me the closest to the legendary "spat my coffee" I've ever been. Especially liked the rifle cleaning kit christmas tree.
  7. Indeed, there are some seriously "beef" tat's on that site, not to mention a horrible display of the pencil thin arms and flabby lady like chests of the typical cabbage head. :D

    Theres some pretty naff Airborne tats out there aswell, if I had a quid for every bodged Para Reg tat i'd ever seen then, i'd have, well, at least 15quid.
  8. I've worked with at least one of the blokes on there.

    Edited to add I've got my wings on my arse.
  9. One of the 2RTR lads recently on tour thought it would be a good idea to take a tattoo gun with them. Basically they all tattooed each other with absolute shite. I would show the facebook album, but I'd hate to incriminate anyone!
  10. I met a chap once who had tattoed himself in the alcoholic haze of apres-rugby. "Mad in Enland" Yes, he probably was...
  11. There you go then 8) full of hot air :)
  12. "you would know who I am"

    Another fucking Airborne "daddy"

    Also to be read as:

    Hang on, I did P Company when I was reasonably fit, aged 18 (or similar) and struggled, but passed it, and then got fat, and then continued to lambast "hats" and younger guys and has clung on to being 'aribo-borne ever (eats lots of sugary sweets) ever since.

    All hail.
  13. Do you know me? :?
  14. In the P coy offices at Helles barracks there are big photo's on the walls, from ages ago, of the tests. One of them from the milling event has a ginger bloke (in skins) who has IIRC a sort of para wings tatt with a skull wearing a maroon beret on his arm. I think he'd been beaten aswell. Bet he was glad he got that tatt.

    A full screw who took my troop through phase one, who was commando trained, had a sort of dagger tattooed on his forearm which had a very clear swastika incorporated into it. How he got away with that I'll never know.

    That asian bird with the tatt on her leg on the fb page is mega. I dread to think what he/she went through to get it.