regimental amalgamations

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by the_missionary, Mar 26, 2010.

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  1. first post here so I'm sure this subject has been covered before and probably at length.

    During the mid/late 80's was lucky enough to spend 4 and a bit years on holiday at RAF Gatow in Berlin.During my time there I played football against many infantry reg's such as Devon and Dorsets,BlackWatch,KOSB,Kings,Irish Guards.RWF,Glosters,1LI and some others I cant remember.

    What I want to know,as an ex crab, is how the destruction of a lot of these fine old regiments affects the soldiers within them ( if at all ) and how all the various traditions etc are incorporated into the new formations.Things like regimental days,dress,ranks structures.

    Personally i see the BA,s regimental structure as the key to its success as a military organisation.I would hate to see the army ending up like the US army and have soldiers posted in and out of regiments on an individual basis.

    PS - Kings were the best at football, RWF at rugby.
  2. My bold: it did affect, but current pers can be the only ones to give up to date factual info/evidence of the outcome of this (Scots Div)

    I can only speak as an ex Scots div caught up in this (FAS) not for the english rgts BUT it did affect quite a few, some accepted the merger while others did'nt and transfers and some TOS went in all over, bear in mind within the scots div sector it was mainly the KOSB/RS that were really shafted!
  3. What I want to know - as an ex-crab - is how you managed a four year posting to Gatow?
  4. 4 years was the norm. in fact a lot of the sneaky-beaky types up on the hill with us spent between 10 and 15 years out there.
  5. When did regiments stop recruiting from the area of their name?

    It's only a slight thread drift so I'm hoping it is allowed. :|
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  6. They didn't. For example, the RRF and RIFLES still recruit from the areas their antecendent regiments did, notably Northumberland (RNF), Durham (DLI) and Cornwall (DCLI). Likewise, someone from Gloucestershire wanting to join the infantry will (in all likelihood) end up in The Rifles - by default of the old local regiment (The Glosters) having been absorbed in to The Rifles by way of the RGBW and RGBWLI. Seemples! :x
  7. Did notice that a lot of the lads in the Irish Guards were English.Does this also apply to the Scots,Welsh Guards ?

    How come there isn't an English Guards regiment. ( yes i know the Grenadier and Coldstream are recruted from England but why do they have a particular name and not a generic title)

    Any military historians out there will, I am sure, be happy to fill in my horrendous gap in regimental knowledge.

    On a slightly different note - I have also noticed a lot of non Brits seem to be in the Army now -Fijians,South African,Australians etc. How do they join up and how are they fed into the various regiments not having any geographical ties with catchment areas.I presume they fill gaps as required.

    By the way I think it's a good thing that they are allowed in.

  8. The sheepsha*****, I mean coldstream are named from the village they surrendered to the crown at ;), and the Grenadiers are named because of a battle honour.
    It is said the Grenadiers beat the French imperial guard at Waterloo and earned the name "1st or Grenadier Regt of foot guards" where they were previously the first of foot, however, there is a lot of conjecture regarding who it was they/we beat, some say the imperial guard, some say the French Chassures (spelling) but more than likely both ;)

    The Grenadier Guards are the English foot guards, the coldcreamers are the half jock inbred anti royalist with welsh tendencies guards.

    Hope this helps.
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  9. The 1st Regiment of Foot were the Royal Scots. The GGs were the 1st Regiment of Foot Guards and distinctly higher up the pecking order. The GGs, CGs and SGs have their origins in the 17th century, whereas the IGs and WGs were comparative latecomers: 1900 and 1915 respectively.

    You will find all sorts in all sorts of regiments. It's always been that way. Recruiting parties ranged far and wide and two BFO wars only exacerbated the trend. There are many reasons why someone from Liverpool might wish to join the SCOTS, whether it be historic, family or skirt fetish. My lot served in both English and Scottish regiments during Round 1, English outfits during the Sudan and Boer fracas and the cavalry during the Crimea - despite being a bunch of Micks (which might explain the cavalry bit).

    It's whatever floats your boat and whoever gets the shilling in yer belly first.
  10. Apologies, I missed the word foot, but you got the point.
  11. Well, speaking as a non racist person of indeterminate national allegiance, I can say that we were all distraught. The death of a regiment or battalion, even a troop is like a death in the family. the loss of a dearly loved family member. How we used to sit around the fire at night drinking char out of compo tins with wire handles and reminiscing about the days when the Royal Regiment of this and the Queens own that would be left and right of us. Defending and supporting us.

    Nowadays it seems that the defence of the morally dissolute, the work shy and the the continually pregnant are more important than this country's proud position as a leader of the international community. But then leadership is anathema to the lunatics in charge of this (UK) mental asylum. The qualities that made Britain great are now trampled underfoot by the common herd of snorting, swilling, expenses absorbing state representatives that we have voted in. Oh how the mighty are humbled by our own dismissal of the democracy our fathers fought so hard to achieve for us.
  12. That's the sort of polemic than can be delivered as either a sobbing eulogy, or a window-shattering Paisley-esque tirade. Quite... beautiful... sniff. :crying:
  13. Some people say you get the government you deserve.

    Not sure if I believe that completely but all of you who voted in the last general election for Labour should,in my opinion,be taxed extra to make up for the last 13 years of spin,corruption,focus groups,diversity,waste,taxes,stupid laws ad bleedin' nauseum.

    Go on.Put yer hands up and admit it.All of you.
  14. Is there a smiley for lamp-swinging?

    When I joined there were sixty eight REGULAR infantry battalions (including Foot Guards, Paras and Gurkhas) plus four Royal Marines Commandos. I do not know how to discover how many TA battalions there were at the time. I guess (uneducated) that there about sixty two.

    Twelve of the line infantry regiments had not been subject to amalgamation.

    Now we have.............. ?
  15. On first inspection, I make it 35 Regular and 14 TA Bns, and 3 RM Commandos. All of them have been amalgamated at some stage or another.