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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by demobbed, Apr 28, 2012.

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  1. I'm after a little help with the abbreviations of infantry regiments that amalgamated as a result of the 1957 Defence White Paper. Could anyone help with the following:
    Queen's Surreys
    Queen's Own Buffs
    1st East Anglian Regiment
    2nd East Anglian Regiment
    Somerset and Cornwal Light Infantry
    3rd East Anglian Regiment
    Lancashire Regiment (PWV)
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Queens Own Buffs I believe were QOBs and there Regimental hoohellery is now with the PWRR.

    Slightly alarmed that I know that being from Jockenesia.
  3. SCLI, somerset and cornwall light infantry (now 5 rifles after a few mergers and amalgamations)
  4. Not sure that's correct. SCLI became 1 LI in the1960s and was disbanded under Options for Change in the early 90s.

  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Almost spot on but as the antecedants were the 13th and 32nd the Bn s were shuffled up and CO 1 LI was redundant but 3 LI ceased to exist. It happened at a time of convenience in the posting regime but when the Rifles were formed the LI head shed opted for 1 LI to stay in Paderborn as Warrior jockeys believing that to be sacrosanct and took the number 5 as Bn designation in theory ensuring that 1to4 Rifles would be safe from future cuts as they couldnt cut a Warrior Bn. Oh how wrong they will be proved!
    The transition from 1SLI and 1 DCLI to 1 SCLI and 1 LI was smoother than the move to 5Rifles. As a family regiment it was normal to join your old mans former Bn. this seems to have been dealt a blow especially amongst the counties where a county choice still exists such as Northumberland/Durham!
    That said unemployment usually acts as a good incentive!
  6. I couldn't understand why both 1 LI and 1 RGJ were disbanded with the 2nd and 3rd battalions of both regiments renumbering. Wouldn't it have been simpler just to disband both 3rd battalions?

  7. Since when did MOD/Government do "simple"
  8. A rumour went round the regt that 1rgj was disbanded because it was originally the Ox and Bucks LI bought in in 1958 to make up the Green Jackets brigade. Didn't ring true to me.
  9. 1LI merged with 2LI in 1993 in tidworth and 3LI became 2LI and 1LI remained 1LI when they merged with 2, i was in 1LI at the time
  10. 1LI werent disbanded,just merged with 2LI
  11. Before the raising of the Royal Logistics Corps the Royal Corps of Transport (RCT) - were known as Rickshaws, Cabs and Taxis.
  12. No. Just severely undermanned and still on 432 I think so the Bn didn't really represent the future. IIRC, 2 and 3 were both in NI at the time so chopping them was less feasible.

    After the 1RGJ guys were spread out between 2 and 3, there were only enough left for a couple of platoons who were attached to a Bn in Derry for a short while - can't remember now which Regt it was.
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Correct which is what happened in reality, the 1st Bns were in postings of low manning requirements and allowed to run down, all new depot drafts went to the other Bns and the Bns were just renumbered!
    The animosity from disbanding 4 LI (Durhams) hadnt left the system when I was still in we had an OC HQ Coy who was an ex DLI man and who hated us turnips with a passion and favoured anyone from the North east. Luckily he was a rarity but he certainly rained on a few parades the mardy twat!