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Im currently in the OTC, and will be going to RMAS in 2 years, so I have a lot of time to look around and decide which regiment I want to go for. I am pretty much decided on joining the infantry, but I am up for goin to anything that is a good laugh/informative! Just wondering if anyone has been to any especially good regimental visits? I want to get to see more regiments so I can compare them with each other, so far I only have experience of the Paras and I was very impressed. Also got visits to the Yorks and Scottish regiment, any others I should go to?
Thanks in advance for any helpful answers!

I think you are making the right choice with the infantry. My top recommendation to you would be to look at Regiments that you feel you have some link to or a Regiment that seems to epitomise what you want from the Army. The reason is that you are not joining the Army for all of the laughs and parties but to lead soldiers. Therefore you will have a much better time - and be a much better officer - if you have something in common with those that you will command. Good luck.


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