Regiment selection

Hi I am wondering if anyone can explain how regiment selection works when joining as an officer? Likelyhood of getting your preferred regiment etc.


Someone can correct me if things have changed since my time, however, basically you pass RCB and go to RMAS.

In your first term you get to choose up to 4 preferred Regts/Corps. Those get whittled down to 2, who you go to visit, and eventually you will be interviewed and either offered a place in one or both, or none.

If you get no offers you effectively go to ‘clearing’ and will be given a choice of whoever has spaces available, usually RLC or Med Corps.

You Don’t have to choose your sponsor as one of your 4 choices, and you don’t have to pick them to commission into.

As I said though, that’s how it worked in my day but since numbers have massively dropped I imagine it’s easier to get whatever you want now - except for things like HCav or Guards Regts and REME.

Best bet for proper information is Army Recruiting Office.
Thanks for the replies, I want to go infantry and being from Liverpool I’m leaning towards Duke of Lancs, I wasn’t sure though weather it being infantry there’d be more/less chance of getting what I want. I’ll go down to the recruitment office and see what they say there too.

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