Regiment selection within RA.

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by mitzi_13, Oct 12, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know exactly how you get assigned to a particular regiment?

    Is it based on performance, numbers or your preference?

    Thanks in advance
  2. I think its called pot luck chum
  3. It can depend where you come from geographically, eg 19 Highland Gnrs, 40 Lowland, etc but not always the case.
  4. What about the likes of 7 para, 29 cdo and RHA, do they recruit nationally?
  5. You are given the opportunity at Phase 1 to put your preference of Regt. Subject to numbers and requirements, they will do their best tosend you to that Regt, or at least that type of equipment. You can volunteer for 7 and 29. If you do volunteer, then that is where you will go, however, there is extra PT involved, whilst at Phase 2. Full briefings are given early in Phase 1 on the different regts. It does not matter what part of the Country you come from. Enjoy!
  6. But if you find yourself in a Locating outfit or the Cloudpunchers, you'll wish you tried harder in training.
  7. I took the liberty of editing your post for you Queensman, I think you got a bit confused! :wink:
  8. You're not Crack Flack by any chance?
  9. Youve lost me :?

    Im a proud ex-Bunny but now a CIS Ninja!
  10. years ago it was the norm even to the extent of being sent to a Battery that mainly had lads from that area you grew up in, for example B Battery in 1 RHA being a Doncaster Battery and holds alot of its reunions there ,although today the Battery has soldiers from all over the world (and no i am not B Battery )
  11. You complete a posting preference at Phase 1.

    that gets analysed at Larkhill by Phase 2 as to the number of slots on courses and the number of slots within those regiments.

    You will then IF POSSIBLE be given the Regiment you want. If not the 2nd choice, if not the 3rd. In the unlikely event you don't get any, they will try and keep you linked to your trade (so if you put 19 RA, 1RHA and 4th Regiment, they's allocate you to AS90).

    If you volunteer (King's Troop, 7, 29, 4/73) then you WILL go to that unit, but there is extra work.

    If they are desperate for people in a particular regiment, then needs of the service may be rated higher than the individual's preferences. For example you place 3 AS90 regiments down, but have a GTI of 80, you might get UAV or Locating (some trades have higher GTI requirement - the score allocated when you do BARB).

    A regiment's connection to a recruiting area is rarely taken into account other than by the individual - for example, every Germany regiment has a UK recruiting area, so you wont be local and if you're from Plymouth, then you don't get sent to 29 Cdo as your "local" regiment.

    I hope this helps.
  12. django, do the fitter recurits have better chances of getting their 1st choice? id like to join 29, so if i was one of the fittest would i get priority over the less fit?
  13. If you want 29 and volunteer to go you will go, UNLESS you are a complete PT biff (in which case you will probably get binned anyway) then you might be advised thats its not the best idea.

    When I joined up (Woolwich days) half my troop put in for either 7 or 29, by the day we passed out only 2 lads went, one to each regt. It was by a process of positive "weeding" so to speak, other troops sent quite a few lads with lots of failures, our 2 guys both passed.

    Not saying its the right way of doing it but its what happened.
  14. So if you volunteer for 7 or 29 you will go there assuming your fitness is upto scratch? Are there further tests you have to do for those regts?

    Does anyone know of any women getting through to the regts? But not doing either of the courses.
  15. You have 2 complete AACC or P COY obv, but iv heard there are gunners in 7 para RHA that havent done it and get alot of stick off the others? dont know if thats true.
    I read in the 29 06/07 journal that you will join a battery where ever they are after phase 2 and then go to the conditioning course when you return to the UK to get you ready for AACC.