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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Greg_Jordan92, Feb 4, 2009.

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  1. I really want to join the parachute regiment, my stepdad was in 16air assault, so thats driving me on 8)
    But i wanted to know what would happen if i couldnt meet the standard they want, like what if they dont offer me a place after ADSC?
    Would i have to reapply to try again? Or would this be a bar?

    Or even if i dont pass the BARB with the right ammount :cry:

    I really want to go to afghan after i do basic, and the paras are going back in 18months. If i couldnt get into the paras, what regiment sees action, as in which should i apply to instead? (If any are)

    If i dont make sense, sorry. Il try to explain better if you dont understand :)

    Many thanks, Greg
  2. If you dont make the grade for para at ADSC, you will be told why in your interview at the end. This is where the job you put down as second choice comes to effect. If you fail the BARB test, well... Start practicing "Do you want fries with that?"
  3. The pass mark for the BARB test is 24 to join the Infantry. Which means that you need the intellectual capacity of a baked potato to get in. Just get yourself a practice booklet from the AFCO and go through those if you're worried, but, trust me, there's no need to be.

    As for the physical aspects, it's been done to death elsewhere, so just do a quick search, absorb the advice given, put the effort into your training, and you'll be fine.
  4. Is there any specific regiments that are going to see action?
    I really wouldnt want to sit around on barrcks 24/7
    I know quite a few REMEs are in germany, but i want to do infantry :?

    And i was just asking about the BARB as an absoulte failure event :) lol

  5. Royal Irish?. Part of 16 AAB. It does air assault too I think, but I'm not 100% on that.
    Air assault is what the Paras generally do as opposed to airborne assault these days.
  6. how you at running? and general fitness? do you think you could run a mile and half in less than 9 minutes?
  7. I can do the 1.5mile in just about 9mins, but if i had the motivation of a platoon/ PTI then im sure i could do quicker :p

    And pullups, i dont know what the big thing is with them, piece of p!ss :)
    Situps, im pretty good, about 70 in 2mins now.
    Pushups, im not too keen, but im pushing myself to be better, im about 45-50 in 2mins

    Iv not tried anything over 4miles yet though, should be interesting. lol

    Im just worried i cant keep up with everyone else, and the PTIs might think im not pushing myself, compared to people saying my age group should be running 7mins for the 1.5mile :cry: (im 17 btw)

  8. Il check on friday when i go for my BARB :)
    I really wouldnt mind that, iv put 16AAB as my main option on the application form, but i ddnt know there were more :?

    But thanks for the info, il look into it 8)

  9. you can do para's pal
  10. you cant put 16aab as your first choice on your application.
  11. Its the first application, the one where you sign into the army, before the BARB, it asks what your preffered area is, eg, infantry etc.
    But i was speaking with the AFCO and he said put 16AAB, because i said thats what i want to do, as my stepdad was in it :?
    Can i not do that, as in, will they not accept 16AAB on it?

  12. I also have a question about this, on my application forms, I have put 2 job choices which I'm not too keen on anymore. I filled them in a year ago, just haven't sent them off yet. Instead of scribbling them out and making the form look all messy, should I just send it off, and tell the recruiters when I go into the recruiting office that I'd like to change my job choices to 1)Paras and 2) Royal Anglian?
  13. Im handing mine in on friday, and i finished it the day after i got it :)
    And i tried to make my mistakes look neat... well tried :roll:

    I put a single line through the wrong bit, and another, and another, it was really satisfying ;) haha

    But just neatly put a line through it, my recruiter told me it doesnt really make a difference, seeing as its a person at the end of the day, putting it on the computer, so if he knows its crossed out, he will ignore it :)

    I wouldnt send it off if your not happy with them, you might end up having to chose those choices at the end of the day.
    Good choice the Paras btw 8) lol

  14. well why dont you put paras 1st choice, 2nd choice Rirish, that way your in 16aab and your going on tours in either way, and if you dont make run time for paras youve got rirish to go to. (and you still get to sample to nice essex girls....i still havent stopped stinging :)
  15. Im just guessing, but you dont have to be irish then? lol
    And i will do that :D , is the royal irish, just a simpler paras then (no offense to anyone!)
    The run time is the same as the infantry (11mins) then?

    But i shall do that very much so, il put that on my application now, so i dont forget :)
    Its not often people hear me say this, but thank you very much! lol

    Btw, as mrT says: Dont be a fool, cover your tool ;)
    Saves stinging and babies :p