Regiment run times WANTED HERE before I lay the smack down!!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Jensen, May 13, 2008.

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  1. Good day everyone. I would like to know what are the 1.5 mile run time limits for each regiment? I was not aware that there is different limits for each regiment until recently.

    I tried googling it and all I got was a load of topics off of here with people talking a load of sheet but not actually what I was looking for. Cheers.

  2. People wont tell you anything because youre a lobotomised mong.

    Have you ever thought of asking your randomly pointless questions at the careers office? I'd love to see the reaction of the hairy arsed recruiting Sgt.
  3. Posting like that is not going to get the information you require now is it, think logically here, spaz

    Look there is different run time for different stages of training, risk reduction runs, with different time for a different unit.

    then you have BPFA times for different ages, different corps etc etc.

    Just aim for below 9 mins and there won't be any problems, so instead of asking bone questions get out and get your time down.
  4. Considering you can't run under 11, fcuk off and come back when your mental age has quadrupeld. :x
  5. I ran 10:44 early actually, arab breath.

    Can someone tell me, what is the 1.5 mile times at ADSC for infantry and logistics. My 2 main job choices are infantry, but then my 3rd is logistics driver or something.
  6. So, basically if we give you the run times for each regt, you'll stop taking heroin?? Fuck that, go and make someone's day and overdose :x
  7. Well unless your 30, I would try the WABC, as if you can't break 10:30 infantrys way out of your league.

    So as previously stated stop posting mong questions and hit the tarmac!!
  9. I knew, before I opened this thread, that Jensen would be responsible. I still went and opened it though :x

    Remind me; what's the criteria for an O2 Thief award these days?
  10. For a really fast 1.5 mile time, throw yourself out of an aircraft at 8000ft, you'll travel 1.5 miles in about 48 seconds, and we won't have to answer any more of your bone questions.
    Hope this helps.
  11. Jensen, I promise to find you all the information you need, if you promise to provide me with the dates and depot you arrive at should you surprise everyone and pass.
  12. Ignore them mate, good luck with selection, here's the info Clicky
  13. Ha Ha Ha! Thanks Cait! I was having a shit day!

  14. God only knows, but im pretty sure he qualifies with honours.

    Also, can anyone tell me what "lay the smack down" means?
  15. Verb: to say a severely harsh comment to someone and offend them so badly they cannot look at you.