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I'm in the early stages of applying, definately going RAC.

I have a small dilemma which I'm hoping someone can help me with - every male member of the family has served in the Army going back generations, mostly Cav' - and I want to join a regiment where I've had family in.

So to do RECCE - I'm split between QRL and LD - had family in the older regiments that formed to make them - so could anyone tell me what good/bad points there are for both of those Regiments? I'm completely stuck on what regiment to go for, and it's down to flipping a coin, which I don't wanna do - I'd rather make an informed decision.

ACIO are just pushing me towards the MBT Regiment that recruits in my area, and I don't even want MBT - so they're not being very helpful about this question.

Many thanks!
Firstly welcome, who was in the pre-qrl regiment, you can PM me if you wish, I and this is obviously biased will say QRL, still know a few lads in there, and its a good regiment, same as any regiment really, but if your relative was ex 16/5th well go QRL.

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