regiment question + tst test on it?

Hi there,

will be off to adsc lichfield in a few weeks, just a quick question, my 1st choice is technical supply specalist in the royal signals, and my chosen regiment is 2nd signal regiment, is this regiment ok to join as such?

as i understand some jobs you can only join certain regiments?

other question is, is there a tst test at adsc for my job choice, ive looked at the job printout sheet i had after my barb test and it dosen't seem so, can somebody who knows tell me please:p

thanks :D

somebody knows this surley, i just want to before i start completly making sure i learn about 2nd signal regiment and need to know if i have to revise for a tst i might or might not have to take

also a little bit of info about the tst, IF i have to take it for technical supply specialist which i dont think so but i want confirmation:p

Ship SHarp:p

No you dont need to take a test to be a stacker.

Concentrate on passing phase 1 first before you start dreaming about a posting to 2 Sigs.

Yes they have stackers there but remember the service comes first.

You should have posted this in the Sigs forum, then you would have got a quicker response.
sorry about that mate, just wanted to make sure ive a chance to join them, that way i can learn about them a bit and hopefully impress the PSO at adsc, don't worry i am working on my fitness 100%, i will pass!


All very well dreaming about 2 Sigs but the PSO only wants to hear how much you want to join and what you can bring to the service.

Dont start wittering on about postings.

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