Regiment plans to be rushed through

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Oct 28, 2004.

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    Cowardly mendacious s#!ts!
  2. Isn't this what the government did to the Gurkha regiments ?
  3. Yes, but we're slightly taller and eat more curry :D
  4. One thing for sure, this devious shower will use every means at their disposal to get their way.

    It will be remembered at the next election :evil:
  5. Let's hope so. This nothing short of cheap chicanery aimed at rushing the decision through before the Black Watch deployment - and possible casualties - can turn public opinion against cuts. Despicable bastar*s. :twisted:
  6. Black Watch squaddie just asked on BBC News whether he thought he'd really be home for Christmas:

    "I don't know - Tony Blair lies a lot."

    Quality. 8)
  7. :lol: :lol: :lol: TCH coud do himself and his party a bit of damage north of Hadrian's Wall if he does announce the regimental reorganisations on November 30. It's St Andrew's Day. We might take that as a calculated insult. :twisted:
  8. Splendid :D
    Running costs for a campaign like this are high. Show support and send a few quid to these guys who have got off their arrses over this issue.

    Save the Scottish Regiments CAMPAIGN ADDRESS IS:

    PO BOX 10083, DUNDEE, DD3 9WW

    You can also pay directly into their Bank Account by visiting any branch of Lloyds TSB

    Details for payment are:

    Save the Scottish Regiments, Account Number: 2 5 9 8 4 1 2,
    Sort Code: 30-99-71

    Fukk you Blair :evil:
  9. I don't think much will change now, KOSB and RS will merge, this campaign has already achieved as much as it could, its saved one Bn(?).

    I expect the Black Watch to be the field element of the new regt (not the home based Bn), getting far more attention than the other bn's of the new regt (like now), which is also saving them from the next cuts.

    The headlines (in all UK papers) on 1st Dec will be 'Black Watch Saved', so as part of the spin process the KOSB/RS merger will be buried. Wonder what odds I could get on that?

    It still amazes me how BLiar works
  10. I shall contribute to it this weekend, thanks for the bank details.

    Up your Jatzi B-liar :evil:
  11. I wonder if the deployment of the BW was part of the process, I wouldn't be suprised if we've asked to move them there.

    The press has been very very supportive of the BW, they are one part of the army who can come home and talk with pride about going to Iraq. I'd guess the majority of Scotland are behind them.

    Am I seeing spin everywhere???
  12. The ScotDiv will still be a battalion down after the amalgamation of the RS and KOSB. But don't write the regiments' campaign off just yet. Jeff Duncan, its organiser, is preparing to field candidates in 12 marginal and vulnerable Labour seats in Scotland at the next general election. The Tories and SNP are supporting the move.
  13. There's a rumour floating around various HQs that George Robertson, the former defence secretary, had a hand in the US request for the 'Watch. He was in Washington recently for talks with Condie Rice, Bush's long-legged security adviser. It's more likely the BW were asked for because they're already in-country and the most experienced Warrior battalion available.
  14. I too have heard this date from another source...

    What is happening to the Scots is a done deal. The crucial factor is where the 4th Inf Bn will be cut from, I understand a meeting took place yesterday but no idea of the outcome.

    Kings, Scots, and PoW Divs have all lost 1. Where does the 4th go from? Will have big implications to some of us... :cry:
  15. Tempted to think PoW but they've had numerous amalgamations already. That leaves Kings - 3 Regts in Lancs/Borders and 3 in Yorkshire, will that go down to two in each area?