Regiment Pace Stick Colour

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Drill Pig, Apr 14, 2013.

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  1. I have been informed in the RLC RSM carries Rosewood pace stick , CSM Black and SNCOs who have passed AADC carry Light oak and clarification on this?
    Can't seem to find this written down anywhere just what I have been told
  2. I'm not RLC, so this may not be 100% - is it not in Corps dress regulations?
  3. Had a look yesterday can't for the life of me find it
  4. They're all brown so no RSM can ever be told that the piece of shit 'isn't at this end Sir.....'
  5. I can't be 100% certain. But, from my memory, that is bollox. The CSMs and RSMs I have known have all carried brown pace sticks.
  6. Just a thought but what colour are all the other WO's & SGT'S poncing about with?
  7. Shit on a stick.

    Phone app signatures are ****!
  8. Far as i'm aware WO's with black Canes and Sgts with light oak but could not find anything written in the dress regs or anywhere else on this matter
  9. Q.E.D!
  10. Welsh Guards carry black pace sticks. But they are Infantry Soldiers and not RLC.

    What was the question again?
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  11. ACAB the question was who carries what colour of pace stick in the RLC
  12. They're really light tan just all the dirt and sheep shit on their hands turn them black!
  13. As there are no regulations on the use of pace sticks in the British Army, not even stick drill, anything that anyone says about colour or issue stick vs racing stick is complete bollocks or pseudo tradition like the number of studs in ammo boots, use of the word "fella" etc.
  14. Stick drill is covered in the All Arms Drill Manual, the type of wood should be in RLC Soldiers Dress Regs, I'll check tomorrow, but if not it's rosewood for all ranks in the RLC if you're buying one (being drill trained, or not, makes no difference, carrying a pace stick is appointment based not qualification), if you don't want to buy one you can use the issued 'plank' without any bother.
  15. From corps instructions:

    Pace Sticks. Pace sticks are to be Racer Pattern, in rosewood. Pace sticks are only to be issued to those personnel in the specific roles requiring that item (i.e. SSM/RSM/Instructor posts). Unless purchased at private expense, the pace stick is to returned to the QMs department on cessation of that post.

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