Regiment or Battery ???

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by wellyhead, Jul 10, 2006.

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  1. Something that has bugged me for a while is how we as Gunners view our allegiences, what I mean is do you have more pride in your Battery or do you view your self as a member of a Regiment ?

    I have long felt that the Royal Regiment tend to be very Battery focussed with History and Traditions, I mean I can give you run downs on my various Batteries, know when the Battery day was etc, but I struggle to tell you anything about the Regiments formation and history. When people ask who I was with I would always revert to my Battery, the only noticiable exceptions were the donkey whallopers and 29 (who were more concerned on the commando history rather than Regimental). Now I know the likes of 4th and 19 have strong pride, however that is more because of recruitment areas rather than capbadge.

    I know its difficult to maintain history when Batteries have a tendancy to move about a bit and the natural order, but sometimes I feel the Inf and Cav have something when they identify with thier Battalion and Regiment. When I joined up we did have a feel of individual regts, mainly due to localised dress regs (cloth capbadges, backings for badges, tartan eppulette etc) but that was all done away witth and I feel we really missed out on something there

    Anyway Opinions ?
  2. One for the RA historians but i think it stems from when batteries operated pretty much as independent units or at least they were the basic organisational unit.

    In more recent times of course we get batteries shunted around from Rgt to Rgt. I don't think the inf or cav get their individual companies or squadrons moved about in the same manner.
  3. Batteries are the real unit of historical currency. Regiments reform and addd/decrease in size according to whims of doctrine. The batteries however keep the traditions vital, even when a battery goes into suspended animation or is merged.
  4. I was told at Woolwich (17 Trg Regt RA) that we were expected to be loyal to 'our Captain General, our Battery and our Regiment - in that order'.

    Not shure this could be described as an official view, however...

    Edited to add: I certainly don't regard myself as a 24 (Irish) Bty RA old boy! Or 59 (Asten) Bty RA for that matter! Does anyone? :)
  5. I knew a lad who wanted us all to get Le Cateau tattoos at the end of Basic, yeah that would of went down well :roll:
  6. Like many people in the Royal Regiment, I have been in many batteries in my time, but have always had a soft spot for the first Battery I was posted to after training! Whether this was due to a combination of the people in it or the things the Battery did, I don't know. Let me put this to you ... How many Regiments have a "Regimental History Room"???????
  7. 3 RHA have a "Recent History" room which doubles as a Regimental conference room. It only covers the events from Basra onwards, but it's not a bad idea.
  8. Still have my 59 (Asten) Bty tie - dk blue, orange stripe and US Eagle. I wear it occasionally if we have US visitors - it really gets them going! :D


    PS My C Bty tie still has pride of place "NO, it's not the Royal Fcuking Marines!!!"
  9. Definitely Battery before Regiment for me.

    N Bty deffo kicked L & O's butts

    Mind you I always say I was in 2nd Field before N Bty if anyone asks.....

    I think you always feel as if you belong more to the bty than to the regt, like cdo gunner said, btys used to be independent so there is more feeling of belonging to a bty than the whole regt (except on a Saturday night in the Dallas bar fighting the Grens) :D
  10. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    Not a dropshort mesell BUT I am always 8 Bty before I am 29.
    Oh & I was in 2nd Regt HQ Bty. :oops:
  11. I was attached to 94 (NZ) Bty and K (Hondeghen) Bty and very rarely say I was with 42 regt or 5 Lt.
  12. Im with Bengalboy,
    I too have a certain fondness to the first Battery i was posted to on leaving basic. It gives you a grounding and a spiritule home and you never forget that, also we do have a Battery history room, and our origins go back to the Battle of Waterloo, as for a Regimental history room no we have not got one, but a good point from BengalBoy. :D
  13. It wasn't until I moved between Btys in the same regiment that I realised how deeply the Bty gets under your skin.

    Obviously, though, once I was in the new one, I started seeing all the good things about it and all the tragic faults of the original Bty...

    So we're both loyal and fickle at the same time.

    My first BC said that you retain loyalty for ever to your first battery, the one you FOO for and the one you command. All the other ones can go to the dogs - HQ's, training appointments and so on.

    I think this is largely true.
  14. I agree with Jankers - for me it was M, 127 & D - and I can honestly say I don't have a favourite.
  15. hmm this raises an interesting notion over loyalty to a Bty and weter it is different for Officers than men

    Being an OR I never had the privalige of FOOing or Commanding a Bty, so to me my first is my love, plus don't forget many OR's never move Bty, so who do you feel has the more passion ? (this isn't a dig just a query)

    I served (in part) with 4 Btys in my time, but only really feel part of 2, I was in the other 2 more for operational or nessecity rather than full membership,. I have always and will always favour my first over my second, so much so I named my company when i founded it after my old Bty. But I am in no way trying to say I'm a bigger/better Bty member than any officer, in fact I discovered another company using my Btys Honour Title, for another reason I got in touch with them only to discover that the MD and founder was none other than my first BC, also my last BC in the old Bty before it went the way of Opt for Change had, it turned out, served in the Bty on his first posting, so he had it under his skin twofold