Regiment locations help PLEASE!

I'm trying to find the expected locations for a number of regiments for April next year, yeah I know ;) but I would like to get at least the expected locations

Its a fairly big list (to say I'm saddened by this is an understatement but i'll explain that later)
Anyone know of a way to get this info?

Massive thanks for any help with this.

List of the Regiments I'm looking for
13 Air Assault Support Regiment
The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
3 Troop Armoured Support Company
The Black Watch
The Coldstream Guards
The Duke of Lancasters Regiment
21 Engineer Regiment
22 Engineer Regiment
28 Engineer Regiment
33 Engineer Regiment
36 Engineer Regiment
38 Engineer Regiment
101 Engineer Regiment
The Grenadier Guards
Honourable Artillery Company
Household Cavalry Regiment
The Intelligence Corps
The Light Dragoons
The Mercian Regiment
The Parachute Regiment
The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment
The Queens Royal Lancers Regiment
RAF Regiment
RAF 34 Squadron
RAF 51 Squadron
RAF 120 Squadron
1st Battalion The Rifles
The 2nd Battalion
The RiflesThe 3rd Battalion
The RiflesThe 4th Battalion
The Rifles 6th Battalion,
The RiflesThe Rifle Volunteers
Royal Anglian Regiment
The Royal Army
Royal Army Veterinary Corps
The Royal Artillery
Royal Auxiliary Air Force Regiment
Royal Corps Of Signals
The Royal Dragoon Guards
Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
The Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment
The Royal Gurkha Rifles
The Royal Highland Fusiliers
Royal Horse Artillery
7 Parachute Regiment
Royal Horse Artillery
Royal Irish Regiment
Royal Logistic Corps
Royal Marines
Royal Marines 3 Commando Brigade
Royal Marines 40 Commando
Royal Marines 42 Commando
Royal Marines 45 Commando
Royal Marines Armoured Support Group
Royal Marines Commando Logistics Regiment
The Royal Military Police
The 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
The Royal Regiment of Scotland
The 2nd Royal Tank Regiment
The Royal Welsh Regiment
The Scots Guards
16 Signal RegimentThe Special Air Service
1st Battalion Welsh Guards
The Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters
The Yorkshire Regiment
The Royal Engineers
Scots Guards will be where they are just now. As for your various breakdowns of The RRS, who knows.
Oh yes, and the Royal Corps of Signals will be where they always are, scattered over the globe, as will the Corps of Royal Engineers, this thread has legs, i can bump my post count up.
I know some of them will be in Afghanistan, couple more in Cyprus probably maybe a few more in Germany. Lots of them in the UK oh and a couple of them might be in The Falklands. Might have missed a few places but am not privvy to some peoples holiday destination.

Hope that helps
Ah right sorry didn't mean to come across as pencunt

Reason behind this is I'm an ex jock guard and a biker, last year a large group from the biker forum i'm on went on the wootton bassett ride to pay respect to all who have served in Afghanistan and the support the people of wootton bassett have shown at repatriation. This years event looks like being a complete clusterfook so I'm working on an event to replace it.

Basic premis is we sign a book of thanks for each regiment that has lost soldiers over there and ride to each barracks to pass this to them while raising as much money for Afghan heroes as we can from the event, which is why i'm trying to find there expected location or there uk HQ's
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If your ex you will still have an ArmyNET account and all the unit locations are on the Unit maps page. PM if you need assistance with your account.
I doubt 120 Sqn (RAF) will be anywhere next year. They'll most likely be clutching their P45s in the Elgin branch of Jobcentre Plus... whatever that is.
I suspect the Scotch Guards will be in an undisclosed boozer in London somewhere with the maximum amount of hair product applied.
Cheeky, sheepshagging bastard!

Buutonsin3s have I bought you a pint?? I think I did, so it's your round
Cheeky, sheepshagging bastard!

Buutonsin3s have I bought you a pint?? I think I did, so it's your round
I'm off for a piss, get them in while I'm away would you. I'll pay you back, honest.


The Jocks will be off drinking stale brasso while the coldstreamers will be touching livestock
Doubt it, if he got out before me ArmyNET wasn't about.
Maybe, however he could always locate a squaddie mate & be allowed to sign up as a guest

PTN: Armynet would be a better recommendation as AP has stated, arrse being an open public forum & bound to get a mixed response,

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