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I'm planning to join the army within the next two years after I finish school after previously being rejected because of migraines (I have since grown out of them). I'm from the south-east of England and have researched PWRR, Fusiliers and the Rifles. As well as this I have looked at some RAC regiments such as QRH, RTR and the Royal Lancers.
In recent weeks I've been trying to set myself a regiment that I want to join but to be honest the information on the army website is quite vague and it would be helpful to hear from people from/previously served those regiments.
I'm asking three questions.
A) should I aim to join a regiment that is included in the 'Reaction Force's for Army 2020.
B) What combat regiment would you recommend from the south-east.
C)is it a common thing to join a regiment not from your area (I'm interested in the Recce side of the Light Dragoons however I understand they're the 'Northern Cavalry') and if I were to join this regiment would I got in etc..
Many thanks,
The information on the website will be vague because it can only describe the initial role and where the regiments are commonly based etc just look at the different regiment roles, where they are based, even look at their history and see if it appeals to you, no one can really help you in this area of choosing an infantry regiment

I don't believe your location in the UK should have any factor of what regiment you should choose unless do want to go home easier once you pass out then go ahead pick a local regiment

People I went on selection with made their decision on factors like they liked horses so they went household Calvary or they wanted to do ceremonial duties in London, so they joined the guards.

Don't think too hard about it
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