Regiment Faces Recruitment Crisis

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Lancashire Hussar, Jan 10, 2006.

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  1. No surprises there then!

    New Army regiment 'faces recruitment crisis'
    By Thomas Harding, Defence Correspondent
    (Filed: 10/01/2006)

    A severe recruiting crisis will cripple one of the Army's new super regiments because of "ill thought out" reforms by the Ministry of Defence, senior officers said yesterday.

    The Cheshire Regiment will be based in Yorkshire with a new name and cap badge when it becomes 1 Mercian (Cheshires) next year.

    The regimental headquarters in Chester, a rich recruiting ground, are likely to be taken over by a new Welsh regiment under the Army's Future Infantry Structure plans.

    The Mercians will be made up of three battalions of about 550 men each from the Cheshires, the Staffordshire Regiment and Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters.

    Like many of the Army's infantry regiments the Cheshires are already suffering severe recruitment and retention problems and are 87 soldiers under strength. But when the regiment moves to the huge Catterick garrison next year it is likely to suffer even greater losses, retired officers said.

    An MoD spokesman said the reforms would "improve recruitment retention".
  2. we go again.

    Frankly I was unaware that the Cheshires were top of the recruiting and retention league as it was.

    The 'Old & Bold' MUST support the new regiment. It's as simple as that. They are the thread of continuity, old to new, they have the responsibility of promoting the new lot on their local streets, schools, pubs, etc. and encouraging young men to join up. They also carry the reputation and memories of the old lot - and that is a most important responsibility.

    It's hard, believe me it's bloody hard, but we can't change it. I fought hook and claw when we got shafted the last time round. I am still both bitter and disappointed about what happened and how it was made to happen, but sadly it's all yesterday's news. The likes of young Beharry and his comrades currently serving deserve 'our' support. I'm sure the new generation of Infantrymen, of whatever capbadge they end up wearing, would be grateful for the support and acknowledgement of those who preceeded them!
  3. No, the old and bold should not be forced to support and bolster politicians and military hacks who come up with such ill advised schemes.
    The old and bold can still support the infantryman without supporting the 'plan'.

    You yourself are still bitter, and it is your right to be so.

    Let the new Regiments stand on their own, and let those who devised the scheme promote the new lot.
  4. I side with RCS on this one.

    They can sort out their own mess. It's their bright idea, let them show us how it will work.
  5. County regiment system? Ah, those were the days...
  6. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    As a soon to be Mercian, I'm 100% with Queensman on this one. It is the Battalion and the soldiers who suffer when recruiting is poor, so the old and bold must support the new iteration actively (even if they are crying into their beer at night) if it is to survive and prosper. Re: thread below on Glosters; it is negative crap like that which sets the establishment of a new regiment back considerably - to the detriment of those at the front line who have no choice which badge they wear. I Know that the PWRR had a hard job to gain acceptance but, partly thanks to a good show on Telic 4, they are now accepted and lauded. It doesn't matter why new regiments come into being - they do and thats that. We are all Infantrymen, we owe it too ourselves and each other to support the wider family, regardless of our personal feelings.
  7. Support the army, the new regiments and the troops.

    Attack the government. Ideally with one voice. Federation, anyone....?
  8. These things happen - it has ever been so. I was terrified it would happen to my Regiment and it nearly did. However, once the die is cast you've got to go with it.

    I remember a Regimental Association weekend several years ago when we hosted a load of the old boys in our mess. I was saddled with some old fool who had done a spot of national service in one of our forbear Regiments. He spent all night denigrating and criticising the Regiment that I had joined. Thanks, you old idiot.

    Once blokes start joining the new Regiment it begins to take it's own form. Who remembers the Hampshires now? How relevant do they feel to any of us? The Lanchasire Fusiliers?

    Once the fate is sealed it is a huge act of pettiness and disloyalty to criticise what has come into existance. A positive merger is a successful one. A merger marked by in-fighting, bitterness and non-acceptance won't work. Contrast the RRF with the Highlanders.