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Hi all,

I have passed my briefing and I am doing my main board later this year. I emailed a couple of regiments to arrange some Fam visits and was emailed back asking me to "submit a short CV to regiment headquarters".

I realise obviously they don't want me to send in a long list of military experience as they know I am applying to Sandhurst now. Should I just send in a CV as though I was applying for a management or similar position? This would include times when I have had to take the lead etc. As well as put in sporting achievements?

Or are they looking for more than that?

Or am I just reading too much into it and making it difficult for myself?

Thanks in advance for replys,



You've pretty much got it, I would think. It's a CV for a job (in a reductionist sense), and like any CV it should be tailored to the job.

When you find yourself having an interview with what could be a CO (Lt. Col.) or higher (I know some regiments start with interviews with their Regimental Colonel, who in some cases is a General), they need to know who you are! That's the point of the CV.

Or, they look at it, see you don't own half of the county, and tell you to trot on*.

* May not be true
The Army tends to like things to the point and not "fluffed up" as a CV for a civilian job might be. To that end, I would stick to the facts; something along the lines of:

I grew up in X place, where my parents still live, married, divorced, etc.
I went to school at X and studied XYZ subjects and got XYZ grades at A level.
I also played X sports and was the captain of the first XI or XV in...
Following my A levels, I took a gap year and fed orphans in Rwanda (delete/adjust accordingly!)
I then went to X University to read Y and gained a Z class degree.
In my spare time at university, I played X sports to Y level.
I was also an active member of the UOTC, conducting an expedition to the North Pole in my second year.
Since university I have been working as a trader in the city...
My interests include fine art, ventetian history and bunga parties.
I have passed my AOSB briefing with a catagory X pass and (all being well) intend to go to Sandhurst in Jan 2012.
I am particularly interested in being considered for commissioning into the Infantry/RAC/etc. and in particular the Loamshire Regiment as it is my local regiment/I have friends/relations in it/some other reason.

I would urge against trying to over-sell yourself: "gaining a 2:1 degree in Defence Studies from Oxford Brookes makes me an ideal candidate to fill the post of Infantry Platoon Commander...etc." Makes you sound like a chump.

Likewise, don't exagerate. If you do you will be found out and not invited back.


Great, thanks for the replys gents.

I was told upon submitting my CV I will be having an interview with the Regimental Colonel, who is a Major General with a rather intimidating wikipedia page. So I am looking forward to that!

All sounds pretty normal then. I'll get that posted tomorrow.



Good luck mate let us know how it goes!

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