Regiment/Corps Selection based on financial year?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Hang10, Sep 27, 2005.

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  1. I can't seem to get a straight answer from anyone on this - my ACAO is somewhat evasive on the subject, but otherwise very informative, and there dosent seem to be anything about it in the "Sticky Threads" in the forum, so here goes.

    The number of places that a regiment gets to allocate to newly commissioned officers runs with the financial year, correct? For example, if a single batallion infantry regiment gets, say, 9 places to allocate a year, it gets them in April, so the full allocation is available for the intake at Sandhurst which passes out in spring (ie the previous years May intake). Therefore, assuming that the regiment allocates 3 places per intake, the September and January courses each have 3 places available for prospective officers.

    Which is great, however I have my doubts that it works this way in practice. Now, assuming the pre RMAS fam visit process is ticking over nicely, regiments will have a fairly good idea of who will be leaving RMAS when, and can plan their allocation accordingly. However, if someone turns up to Sandhurst, and is an absolute legend, then the regiment or corps would be silly not to take him even if he had not been "on their books" before then. This would have the effect, (assuming that the "planned for" 3 places wew already filled) of reducing the number of places available for subsequent intakes in that financial year. This seems to be a good way to do it, as there is no way of knowing whether or not the guys who turn up in the January intake will turn out to be a bunch of throbbers or not, leaving the regiment having to fill a space with a candidate they might not have taken at another time.

    Obviously, the answer to all of this is to be a stellar candidate, so that your regiment of choice cant wait to get their hands on you, but all other things being equal, is it more likely that you will be able to go to the regiment of choice if you rock up in May, rather than January?

    Thanks in advance for all your constructive advice.
  2. I think I am right in saying that first off, a single Inf Bn is not entitled to 9 places a year but a rather hand figure of 4.5. The idea being that the average stint as a Pl Comd should be 2 years and that the whole crop of Pl Comds should get refreshed every two years.

    As for the selection lottery, you are right in saying that despite being sponsored by a particluar capbadge, you may end up being told that you are not required. The sponsorship has absolutely no real connection between the individual and the Regt unless the individual is turned down by everyone else and you still manage to pass the course. In that instance, your sponsor Regt is forced to take you.

    The playing of the numbers may indeed be corrcet. You may stand a better chance of getting your choice in the first commissioning round in a new fiscal year but I think we should all give our RHQs a little more credit than that. The selection will, or should, be based entirely on your performance and the big question of whether you will prove to be a good Pl Comd with that particular Regt. Your right in that the only simple answer is to be good at your job.
  3. Idle Adjt is right that inf bns are allocated 4.5 per FY (this year is a little flexible because of the FIS, but largely it remains 4.5 - as you are not yet at RMAS this will not affect you). Playing the numbers game by coming in May may not work for you if your bn is planning for officers to arrive earlier in the year and then later the following year (op tours and baulk periods being comon factors in this). -e.g., 4 officers commission in Apr 05 and then 5 officers commission in Dec 06.

    Sponsorship is a difficult area: certain regiments have been accused of running a closed shop, which is perceived as unfair and other regiments were unable to attract the stars because they'd been signed up at conception. The process is largely fair: you get two choices (3 if you choose AAC) and the regiments can run 2 OCdts for each place they have.

    There are other factors of course, your company commander might advise you against a particular arm or service if he feels you are not suited and the regimental reps will have an influence in making sure the regiment takes the best possible people and drops the in-bvred duffers as soon as possible.
  4. Idle Adjt, Barbs thanks for that, nice to hear someone acknowledge the "numbers game" finally, regardless of its eventual (un)importance. I think the best thing to do really is just to be as generally outstanding as possible.
    Whats interesting is the "0.5" of a platoon commander, as presumably that allows a little leeway from intake to intake, an impressive bit of flexibility built into the system. this a return to the earlier system of "half pay"? ie, if I commission as 50% of a platoon commander, am I expected to do half the work? Presumably there would be a counterpart in the mess, the other 50% chap - think of the fun we could have with all our free time! it a stopgap measure whilst FAS comes into effect - with an undermanned army, where a platoon may be at half strength, why do you need a whole platoon commander?

    Or...Does the "0.5" represent a relaxing of the height requirement for enlistment? In fact, is there a connection between this and the large numbers of out of work oompa loompas in the wake of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" finishing filming?

    Right I'll get my coat. Thanks again.
  5. It allows divisions of infantry to allocate an officer to where he is most needed. It allows flex within the FY as opposed to being carried forward to the next year. The divisional priority may not be clear until it is needed. You should work on assuming there are 4 places, and 5 if you are very lucky.
  6. To be perfectly honest, I was going to work on the assumption that there was only one place, and unless i was, in the words of the inimitable snoop dog, the "shiznizzle", I wouldn't get it.
    However, Im not going to get ahead of myself, as I have an imminent RCB to pass first.