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In the not to distance future i have a meeting with someone responsible for officer recruitment at my chosen regiment. Will this be similar to my fisrt meeting with the area Army Officer Careers Advisor? Is there anything i can do to prepare myself for it other than keeping up with the news ie brushing up on the regimental history etc. Any help would be appreciated.


Brush up on regimental history, formulate the reasons why you are specifically interested in that regiment and otherwise prepare yourself as you would for any other military interview. This person will want to see how committed you are to his regiment, and whether you will fit in or not.
Scobby, this is a 'face fitting' interview. If said orrificer is of the regiment you wish to join then he is probably not too worried about your deeply held beliefs about peanut farming or your long term interest in current affairs: others will dig that out of you. He will assume that the next time he may see you is on the doorstep of his mess as a newly joined subbie - and the inference is that you have the trainable qualities required of an officer at that stage.

However, when you go in to said mess will you fit in with your fellow officers? Will you know something of the regiment's traditions and history? Are you ready to be considered for the Regimental Underwater Pool Team (All Army Champions 1980 thru' 1992)? Will you be up for some of the jolly japes which the chaps will inflict on you - or will you look like the speccy 4 eyed git in the playground who never gets to join in. Etc Etc.

If you're a good bloke with a bit about you, there is nothing to fear. In many ways you are applying to be part of a culture which still has its many (unwritten) rules and regulations. It's a great life in here - just make sure you're ready to contribute.
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