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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by azzer, Mar 13, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone tell me what infantry regiment is known to be the one that ''goes in first'' and generally are away alot on ops and tours i really would like to be in a regiment that does alot of tours and really gets in the thick of the action when needed so any help would be appreciated cheers
  2. Try joining the Jocks or the Irish regiments they seem to be the favour of the MoD when the shit hits the fan!
  3. Giving you the benefit of the doubt that this is indeed a serious question, and not a ridiculous wind-up, I wont lock this thread. People, please offer your considered advice on this one.


  4. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Don't think it will really matter in the future who you go to - everyone will be getting in the mix more regularly due to reductions in Bn numbers.

    Go towards your local mob - likely to be happiest there
  5. If you really want to guarantee ops then go for the RLC, Royal Sigs or Engineers - they might not be as sexy as the Inf but they sure do get about!
  6. engineers is always a good one, you get the option for 59 cdo or 9 sqn at the end of phase 2. they always get about. however you will have to endure the piano a few times till you get there.
  7. There are more soldiers in the Royal Engineers with 2 rows of medals than any other Corps. Definate 1st in on every tour to set infrastructure up and a trade to boot!
  8. As already said you will probably be happiest in your own regiment but try and organise a visit as every regiment has its own character and different roles. It took me a long time to choose who to join and in the end I decided not to join my local. But the RE or Sigs they get around a lot plus you get a trade which is good as you may not stay in the army all your life but thats not to say you can't do that in the infantry.
  9. The thing is, Infantry Regiments are by definition different to the Corps, even the Para / Commando Sqns. Having worked with the Sigs and R.E's (Incl. 9 Sqn and 59 sqn guys) the one fundamental difference I noticed is that the Infantryman may easily meet his match with regards to fitness, aggression and esprit de corps, but any dedicated infantry soldier has (naturally) a greater wealth of expertise with regards to small-unit admin and tactics. I mean no insult to the Corps here, like I said, they're often as fit, dedicated, aggressive etc etc.

    You need to ask yourself what you really want to do on these Op tours. Infantry or Combat support.
  10. The Parachute Regiment is usually the first in. We were basically first to go into:

    Sierra Leone
    Iraq (alongside other infantry units)
  11. You know what you're talking about Mr. Fallschirmjager! Could you help me out with my info thread?

    ta! 8)
  12. Kosovo? I thought I saw the Gurkhas up front?

    Macedonia? No fighting

    Sierra Leone - I thought the Royal Irish were there before the Para's?

    Afghanistan - RM were first there

    ......and don't forget,

    Bosnia - not used during UN/IFOR

    Gulf 1 - not used

    So the moral of the story is - the Para's are not always the first in, but they do get about (having 3 Bn's sure helps though!)
  14. Afraid you're wrong on that one Fallingbloke, Gurkha's most definitely there, I know their OC Recce from the time, he was one of the first across the border (obviously behind those with black tape across there eyes).

    But as has been said, the Paras do get about, as too does the remainder of the Army it would appear. This is likely to be the case for the forseeable future, so the best advice, returning to the question, is to visit as many Inf Bns as you can (if you can) to find the one within which you feel most comfortable.
  15. Yep - defo Gurkhas up front in Kosovo.

    And just because you don't like them it doesn't mean you can discount them - the RM are just as much a squaddie as you

    and yes - you were not mech/armoured - not everyone can operate from armour but everyone feels the effect of gravity! :wink:

    Seriousely - with all the new formations you might find that the Paras will take a less prominent role - lets face it, 3 Bns against 5 - the odds are that some reg's will get more ops
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