Regiment choice?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Dumb_GeorgeW, Apr 19, 2005.

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  1. looking to enlist early next year - will have a crack at RCB but have decided will join up what ever happens - have no military background - want to join a regiment that will get sent on operations. which would be best choice for this? any ideas?
  2. any infantry regt at the moment will be deployed within 18 months if not before... where is your local regt/wherea re you from? always a good startign point for selecting a regt


  3. Take your pick from the whole army, your bound to get some tours in!!
  4. Infantry. Go for it!

    Good luck for a fun packed and sucessful career!

  5. If it's Infantry try for a local Regiment, you will have more in common with your muckers. The infantry is the most demanding but you get more satisfaction. For more pay, easy life and less crap - get a trade. Royal Engineers have the best of both worlds and more tours than Status Quo! Royal Sigs is more cushy, but for a clean and crisp uniform, agreeable bed times and loads of medals for turning up try the RLC. 8)
  6. It is a case of 'Daddy what did you do in the war?'

    If you want to go on tour then look at either RM Commando or anything to do with 16 Air Assault.

    Whatever people say they are the first lot in!
  7. Head to Para or anything attached to 16 Air Assualt, that's where you find
    2CB in the near future.

    Cheers 2Cb
  8. You could become a 'Mover' - they are obviously short of good blokes! (If indeed you are a bloke)
  9. Select an infantry unit that's got tracks. You'll have a cracking time as a PC and will, undoubtedly, spend some time down the two way range. It also makes for more exciting time on exercise as you spend less time bowling between activity carrying a house on your back and more time fighting (and you get a bigish gun to twat about with, going duh duh duh dum). You also have somewhere to store your goodies. And, as if that ain't enough, as you become more senior, they even give you a big planning tank thing with lights and heaters and cooking things - you get that in 16 Air Assault but you have to carry it in your pockets.

    You are also more likely to command a Brigade - dream on.

    It is also safer in the long run.
  10. If you want to be stuck in one job for the rest of your life, then join the infantry (OK, you can be a Para, mech or armd infantryman).

    If you want variety, decent qualifications, and more guaranteed tours than the inf, then join the gunners. Bloody hell, most have done three tours in three years (two to Iraq, one elsewhere). However, if you are going to join as a tom, be prepared to take shit wages - not like they do a technical, challenging job or anything!

    And if you want a job where you are really appreciated, then join the AGC, they are great! Or Loggies if you want to be commanded by useless Officers and "robust" SNCOs!
  11. if you want to stag on as a Poundstretcher security guard when you leave

    it's bollocks - the only good thing about AGC is you'll be surrounded by women - that's the only people who join.
  12. CardinalSin, you must be in the Inf. Thought standing around and stagging on at Poundstretcher is what the Inf do best - it's what you are trained for, after all!

    And reference AGC, do I detect a whaaarrr??? Or are you really showing yourself to be a member of the Inf??
  13. Funny if the Cardinal is in the Inf, this being an Inf forum. Take your remfy posts elsewhere away from the front line.
  14. Variety and differing opinions are the making of a good forum. I tried to inject a bit of debate and allow other arm to interact with their Infantry brothers and all that. If we banish, for example, non-Infantry personnel from the Infantry forum, then there will be a very one sided, sheltered view of life on the battlefield. I was merely allowing other, possibly non-military personnel, so see that there is more to life than the Infantry. Bloody hell, the Artillery FOO/Acks work hand in glove with Inf/Armd BGs and support specific Coys/Sqns and train for years with them. They are part of that BG, moving along the FEBA, so is that REMFY?? :?

    Time for the Inf to be aware that they have other arms who are attached to them who go as far forward, if not further than they do i.e. Artillery FOOs, Engr Recce Offrs etc. We are in much danger as the Inf are, especially when we carry out operations in the Infantry role, for example Kosovo, Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Iraq etc. An example of this can be found at the following ARRSE thread:

    CGC for Gnr Sgt

    It that good enough for you??

    We cannot work without each other, some of us are attached to the Inf and Cav for Ops and Exercises. So let everyone have an opinion. Am sure a bit of variety/lively debate is welcome on every Service/Arm Forum.

    Would have expected better from you IdleAdjt. 8O
  15. Goat,

    A well crafted and written bite.

    What happend? Did the big scary Inf boy drink your beer, bang your girlfriend and pish on your back?

    I did appreciate your outline of the all arms battle and the "danger" sharing - nice