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Alright Arrse.
I've just joined this site, but I'm wondering if anyone on here could help me out with an issue.
I'm on leave at the moment, waiting to get to 47 Regt RA at Thorney Island. Although I put in a transfer request to change to 1st Regt RHA (because I want to work on the guns), this was 'lost' at Phase 2 and I only found this out on Leavers week. So I didn't have enough time to put a new request in, so I'm stuck going to 47. Basically, I'm f*ckin gutted.
I've heard I can do it when I get to my first posting, but how do I go about it? And is it actually possible?
I know I'm going to get treated like a c*nt, rockin' up there and straightaway wanting to leave.

Thanks for the help.....If any.


I suggest you speak to the RCMO on arrival and also your new Tp Comd or BSM. Explain your reasons properly and in a calm manner, stating that you put in a PPP in Ph 2. Did you get a name of whoever you submitted your paperwork to at Sunny Larkers? That would be the first thing i'd ask you if you were in my Bty. Also, for future ref, check, check and check again all the time and don't leave things til last minute .com. I sense you may be a tad impatient with things but a friendly bit of advice....take a chill pill!
Cheers for the reply.
Well I handed the change in a while back, 2 months-ish. So I really can't remember, after chasing up numerous times I finally found out the news. I've heard on the rumour mill 47 don't have to sort it out and can choose to keep me there. But surely they might understand I did originally request a transfer and it was well in time. I just don't want to end up being stuck in HQ doing a trade I do not want to do.
Thanks again.
Why did you apply to change at Phase 2 (which is more difficult) when you had the opportunity to do so at Ph1?

Also, you say that you "chased and chased and chased", but only found out on leavers week? That doesn't ring true - you were perhaps asking the wrong people?


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I would take the advice to relax. Get to 47 and see how you feel about the whole thing after a month or so. You may well find that you are enjoying yourself so much that you do not want to leave Thorney Island and head off to Tidworth. If you really do still hanker after 1 RHA you could then apply for a transfer. You may well find though that you get sent to whichever field regiment most urgently requires backfill for ops as opposed to 1st.



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