Regiment cancelled hospital sick leave !!!!!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Ticka, May 23, 2012.

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  1. Ok, After anke surgery i was given 6 weeks off from the Hospital to allow for recovery, My Regiment cancelled it and ordered me back to work after two weeks, Surgery failed, was told i need a repeat operation ASAP, 16 months later and i have had to arrange it all myself due to a piss poor medical centre.......Hit me with opinions, Just incase they try this PAP 10 thing, Anyone ?? Cheers
  2. mate, if you do one thing before they try getting rid of you - get a copy of your medical record. i cant stress that enough
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  3. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Depends on whether you want to continue with a career or not i guess.
  4. I have all the medical records now, letters saying i need surgery asap then no follow ups, it took me to submit a 3 page letter to my CO just to get a docs appt, i want to carry on my career, but if they try to screw me i just want to be prepared to screw back !! i am P7 Temp now pending surgery, just waiting for a letter to call me to Frimley. i did the injury on CO's PT by the way.
  5. Firstly we need to get things absolutely straight.

    - who ordered you back?
    - were you ordered back to conduct your normal duties or was it to check on your well being and to complete some administration? After all hospital sick leave is not confined to bed.
    - did you inform them you were on HSL and the dates from your hospital discharge letter as well as any limitations.
    - what are the regs with regard to HSL? Have you looked into them?
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  6. Ok, firstly mate, yes i was ordered by my troop staffy on behalf of the Sqn 2ic, i was put into an office job for 3 weeks until my injury and swelling was so bad i had a row with the MO who approved the cancelation, (he then apologised for his mistake in approving it and gave me 3 weeks more off to recove but by this time the damage was done)he showed me the emails from the Sqn 2ic but would not print me a were well aware i was on hospital sick leave but cancelled it anyway. Not sure on the regs, trying to find it but there is ALOT of paperwork for paperwork in this Army eh ? Thanks
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I was on sick leave once and the OC wanted to know why I was absent.. I told him sick leave and he left it at that. More to this than first meets the eye.
  8. How do you mean mate ?
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Well in my time if you were at home on sick leave you usually asked for a not fit to travel to be stamped on your sick note allowing you to remain at home and under GP care until end of sick leave. If a lad was on long term sick (say wounded) he would often visit the unit for admin purposes (MO, Pay etc) and be signed off again to attend specialists/hospital until fit but never expected to work even if they wanted to!
    If everything that you have written is correct then someone has failed in their duty of care!
  10. Everything i have written is true and not even the half of it......from the time i did the injury, got carried to the medical centre and was told to take a seat as they were "busy" with my leg hanging over the arm of a chair snapped for 45 mins to the point where i had to threaten legal action just to get an appointment with the MO its been one big problem...what do you think my chances are of fighting a PAP 10 from what you have read so far ?
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    No idea but I suspect that negligence may play a part in deciding!
  12. Thank you for your help
  13. I would put in for a redress of grievance just to get everything documented properly and to give the unit a wake up call...
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  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    What Cernunnos said, I left so long ago Florence Nightingale was a nig!
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  15. Is that the nearest step down from a service complaint ? just to get it all officially documented. for my benefit later on if i get screwed over ?