Regiment cancelled hospital sick leave !!!!!

Ok, After anke surgery i was given 6 weeks off from the Hospital to allow for recovery, My Regiment cancelled it and ordered me back to work after two weeks, Surgery failed, was told i need a repeat operation ASAP, 16 months later and i have had to arrange it all myself due to a piss poor medical centre.......Hit me with opinions, Just incase they try this PAP 10 thing, Anyone ?? Cheers


Make sure you've got it documented and consider raising a formal complaint. Do not put in an AFCS claim until you have left the army.

You may well still face PAP10 if you are not able to be upgraded to MFD irrespective of who's fault it is.
I had a brief from SPVA the other day. If you are MDd an AFCS claim is automatically submitted via the med board, if one has not been submitted already.

The problem here is that the med board only has brief notes on your condition.

I'd advise submitting AFCS as soon as you have a full prognosis,mthen n discharge ask for a discharge review.
Is there any relation to you returning to work and the failure of the operation?

I did not think it was possible for the regiment to over rule sick leave. In my case I returned to work to see all my annual leave had been eaten up by my sgt major despite being on sick leave. I received all my days back in the end.
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