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Hey guys am new to the forum. I want to join the TA and have a few options on regiments and company to choose from. Im mainly intersted in 7 rifles, and nearest to me are HQ coy in Reading or a platoon of A coy in high wycombe. What sort of differences am i likely to see between the two? There are also signals companys i could join but as a bt engineer i would rather join to do something different from my career.
Thanks for reading
In simple terms, HQ Coy contains your support elements - signals, MT, chefs, clerks etc. Rifle coys are what most people think of when they think infantry, and (should) form the bulk of the battalion. Again, to oversimplify, if you want the running about getting muddy stuff, you want a rifle coy (or a rifle pl outstation, in your case). As an HQ coy infantryman, you'll do CIC and be trained as an infantryman, but you'll spend a lot of time on specialist tasks depending on what you end up doing.

As I said, this is an oversimplification. I guess 7 RIFLES is organised similarly to 3 R WELSH, so your support weapons platoons are probably mixed in amongst your rifle coys, giving you another option if you want to do something different to being a rifleman. Likewise HQ coy don't spend their whole time on sigs/MT/G4 tasks and find themselves being used as scratch rifle sections as required.

Hope this is a bit of help. Although as an aside, if your particular sort of telecomms engineering involves IP-based stuff, any half-decent sigs platoon will bite your hand off ;)
Thanks for the help usmarox. The platoon for me i think then, i enoyed the running jumping and getting covered un mud as a cadet too many years ago lol.
My telecomms experience is pure vanilla im afraid, all analogue, climbing poles, rsidential and basic business
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