Regimantal selection board changes

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by jew_unit, Jun 26, 2009.

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  1. At AOSB we were told that the procedure for RSB would be changing in the near future. It was hinted that Officer cadets would have much more idea of their future regiment/corps before starting at Sandhurst. Does anyone know what these changes are likely to be and when they will be introduced?
  2. Those candidates able to express themselves in reasonable English will be preferentially selected for service with the Ghurka battalions; slightly less able types will be channeled towards the Gunners (no real need for grammar there, hand signals should do). Those at the lower end of the linguistic spectrum should report to the RAVC, where single-syllable commands, a pat on the back and tickle under the chin are the accepted leadership MO.
  3. We were briefed on this at PCCBC and the gist was that on arrival at RMAS future entrants would know who they were to commission into i.e sponsorship will no longer be an admin nicety but will comit the sponsor to accept the candidate post commissioning.
  4. I suspected that would be the case, but does that not leave certain corps who take many through clearing (AGC SPS) in a bit of difficulty? also, when is it going to be introduced?
  5. That was our opinion, as well as those who are selected for infantry may well discover at RMAS that they hate working in the field and decide to change. It struck some of us as making it very difficult on the units as they had to assess suitability before any training had been undertaken thus ending up with those unsuitable for the role.

    Hopefully we got the wrong end of the stick.
  6. Has anyone any idea when this is due to start?

    I have to admit that to me it seems like a great idea – I had visions of heading off to Sandhurst with dreams of joining a particular unit, only to end up somewhere else not of my choosing! Out of interest, does this happen often?
  7. Presumably you won't be bound if you accept sponsorship from a regiment or corps if you decide whilst at Sandhurst that actually a support arm seems much more enjoyable than infantry? Won't popular regiments & corps then simply stop offering sponsorship and instead just give candidates informal nods that if they do well at Sandhurst they are likely to be accepted?
  8. What about the RAC? I was told that they didn't do familiarisation visits and therefore no chance for sponsorship? I could be completely wrong.

  9. They get sacked.
  10. We were told about this briefly at our PCCBC back in Nov 08. It's been in the pipeline for a while, no idea when it will be implemented as we've heard nowt more about it at the factory.
  11. You were told wrong then, because I've been on one. They do exist!
  12. Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I read on another recent post that OCdts now have to start Sandhurst with two firm choices of arm (three, if one is the AAC). If this is the case, do candidates have to get all Fam visits out of the way before Sandhurst, and does the Regimental Selection Board system still operate?

    I know this has been discussed above, but the post I read (which I can’t seem to locate) seemed very definite, and I wondered if anyone has heard anything new.

    Cheers folks!
  13. I recently received my info pack regarding regimental choices with other PCCBC confirmation. In your first term or second term, you express an interest in two regiments and there are two allocated periods for battalion visits. However, from what I gather most people will have already been on a battalion visit plus interviews before getting to Sandhurst.

    If you need more specific information I could try and scan the sheet in for you - msg me if you do..

    EDIT: please see
  14. Was briefed on this at PCCBC. You start Sandhurst with two choices of arm (it used to be four). These aren't necessarily firm choices and you can change them as much as you want until quite late in the day. Obviously it works against you if you go for a last-minute change because your new choice might not be able to allocate you on a fam visit at short notice (there are dates set aside on the commisioning course for visits), or might have so many people already in the pipeline that they can't take on anybody else. So although you can change whilst on the course, it's best all round if you know who you're going for before you turn up.