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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by elvis77, Jul 17, 2010.

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  1. Gents, looking for some ideas for our monthly Regi night in August.
  2. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Have an Arrse night. Everyone goes in disguise and slags off the CoC :)
  3. Is it going to be a "Sods Opera" type of thingy, if it is, you could do the old baked bean eating lark, I saw it once at a RM do in Portsmouth and nearly pissed meself laughing.
  4. Tramps night. Everyone tips up dressed like the QM.
  5. skintboy you got a drinking game to go with that!
  6. Come as you are caught party. Hand out some disposable cameras and you have to come to the do dressed as you appear on the picture....
  7. Have a bad taste night, 70's flares, stripy tank tops, slicked down hair. A sort of cross between a 70's porn star and a paedophile.
  8. Spoof, but with cider bottle tops instead of coins. ;)
  9. I'd forgotten about that game! Has anybody got anymore?
  10. Have Borat mankini or Avid Merion night
  11. You had "forgotten" spoof? FFS, your regi theme night's must be a blazing do. What was the last one, crochet night?

    Magic night by the way. Everyone has to bring a magic trick - kosher or prank - and dress as a wizard, warlock or conjuror. Anyone shortarsed or elderly can be designated as "Duty Paul Daniels". tricks are performed, prizes awarded. Drink taken. Female MO goosed, Adjutant punched...well you know the rest.
  12. Fair 1 cuddles walked in to that but the magic night sounds like a good idea. The last night we had was organised by the medics and surprise surprise it was a doctors and nurses theme, however the end results were the same.... an evening of drunken debauchery!
  13. The old ones are always the best - you could also try playing Shock, but to go along with the tramps theme you could serve Special Brew instead of Applekorn :D
  14. Which would answer a certain time-honoured question when the CO turns up. The more career-minded officers and seniors will already have been sucking his for free!

    As for drinking games, how about the fast and furious '15/20'?

    How to play:

    1) Players stand opposite each other, with their hands in the ready position –usually elbows pointed down and fists at shoulder level.
    2) On the command ‘go’, they bring their hands down to waist level. Each of their hands will either be open, or closed in a fist. A closed hand represents, zero, and an open hand represents five.
    3) At the same time as the hands reach waist level, both players yell out a number. This number is supposed to represent the total value of all four hands added together. As there are only four hands, there are five possible results:
    1. 0: All four hands are closed into fists
    2. 5: Three fists and one open hand
    3. 10: Two fists and two open hands
    4. 15: Three open hands and one fist
    5. 20: Four open hands
    4) If nobody's right, steps 1-3 are repeated. If one of the players gets it right then the other people drink. More than one getting it right means they play a tie-breaker.

    The two-player version has an interesting twist in that it’s also possible to “foul” if you yell a number that your own hand combination’s made impossible e.g. if you have one or both hands open, and say “0”; if you have no hands open and you say “15” or “20”; if you have both hands open and you say “5”.

    Like all good drinking games, it exists to punish lightweights. :D
  15. A very energetic and exhausting drinking game - well drinking exercise - is "Roxanne". Divide your drinkers into two sides, who sit opposite each other. Then put on "Roxanne" by The Police. When tantric sex-god and eco-bore Sting sings "Roxanne", Team Alpha stands, drinks and sits. They repeat this every time he sings "Roxanne". Team Bravo stand, drink and sit when the Amazon Rain Forest botherer sings "red light". Best played with pints, a finger of beer an utterance, jugs for "rolling replens" on the table.

    A sneak is appointed at the start and he keps count of those who failed to stand -drink-sit appropriately, who were slow or who Roxanned when they should have red-lighted! Forfeits can then be levied. It is a great ice-breaker for visiting sports teams.