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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by gaz-hell, May 26, 2006.

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  1. can anyone tell me about regemental subs they come out of my wages every couple of months or so for about £20 - £30 . do I have to pay this as I dont remember signing anything saying i wish to . anyone any ideas??? :?
  2. You can sign something in your RAO that states you don't want to pay your regi subs.

    Im need to do it sometime, thanks for reminding me
  3. You usually pay a day's pay every year, split into quarterly contributions.

    Nope you don't have to pay this at all. However, as with your PRI contributions *some* units get very arsey about this and may put pressure on you to pay it (like they may put pressure on you to buy a stable belt etc.). Most places, if you kick up a fuss about it they simply won't bother trying to make you, some places, it's as simple as rocking up to your admin office and saying stop my regi subs.

    They can come in handy sometimes, like if you go away on adventure training or your department has a do then money can be claimed from the regimental secretary towards it. but if you're not someone who does this then you're probably better off not paying.

    Speak to your admin-type staff and they will tell you whether or not regi-subs are "encouraged" within your unit.
  4. It's a days pay a year to Regt Associations who give to good causes for both serving and ex-serving soldiers and their families.

    "To maintain the objects of the Association by promoting and supporting the Corps, affording assistance to its members and their dependants, and making donations to Army charities"

    Once you have seen a couple of mates seriously injured/killed and the effects on their family you wouldn't dream of pulling out of the scheme.

    If you did not understand that before posting fine, go and confirm it with your Sect Comd.

    If you did know this and you still want to pull out I would be surprised if it amounts to more than about £50 per head for any of you and you are a Malcontent Weasel

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