Reggy Dinners

Right then, another Dinner out the way, does anyone know of any good idea's to keep the toilet pangs at bay until the first "ease springs".

I have tried a few, including abstaining from pints before the bell, running to the lav a minute before going in, but alot of people still seem to suffer.

Any of you 'Old Boys' have any ideas, (or even funny anecdotes) on the subject.

I always found that a couple, or three, glasses of Sherry seemed to dry me up for long enough to get through the meal. Mind you, its best to be comfortable with your sexuality before trying it in Roughy Toughy mess!
Looking a where you put this question, maybe a colostomy bag would be in order...
Sounds as though the your mess needs to get a new PMC, just about every mess I was ever in allowed toilet breaks after the plates were cleared & ash trays out.

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