Regarding "recognition for the wounded"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Run_Charlie!, Nov 14, 2006.

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  1. Thread Here

    Should the British armed forces instigate a purple heart type system? Dosn't need to be a medal, maybe some kind of badge, or difference in cap badge?
  2. And if your answer is yes, how do you think it should be done? On or off uniform? Perhaps a certificate? (Bit bone perhaps)
  3. A wound stripe on number 2s, ones and jumpers like in WW1 for all personel imjured whilst on duty!
  4. I voted no

    Because it may devalue the medals we give till we're like the spams, giving medals for anything.

    I think the best way to reward the wounded would be proper physical and phycological health care, not just in the short term but thoughout the lives of soilders.

    Not just dumped on the NHS as soon as they leave the army, or in the case of TA soldiers wounded just dumped on the NHS.
  5. I voted yes , we should have some sort of VA system so the care given is done by staff who know what its like, and care about the service men and women under thier care, and do not judge them for the job the do/did.
    A uniform badge for number two's and wooly pulleys.
  6. My instinct is yes but it depends on what it for injury sustained by enemy action or do RTAs in an operational theatre count? If the wound is inflicted by the enemy then how serious does it have to be? Does the bloke who gets grazed by a bullet/shrapnel get treated the same as one who loses a limb?

    I think proper treatment would be the best solution as stated by mark1234.
  7. shoulder flash maybe......