Regarding options without qualifications.

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Before i start i did search for a similar topic but didn't really come across one that would answer my questions fully, if there is already a thread that meets what i'm about to ask go ahead and lock this one and kindly direct me to the one in question and accept my humble apologies in advace.

Now, what i'm after is just a bit of info regarding what option i have regarding careers in the armed forces, i'm coming up to 25 and have been thinking of joining either the army or the navy (as a submariner) for quite a bit of time, however due to a lazy lifestyle (Username references it >.>) not helped by copious amounts of alcohol when i was a little younger i'm far from fit.

Started my road to fitness and a healthier me last week and won't be looking back, i have wanted to join the army or navy since i was a young lad however i'm really concerned regarding hte options i may/may not have when i do make an application to join either of the armed forces mentioned above mainly because i don't have any formal qualifications to my name.

Due to family problems around the time of my exams i was unable to attend my gcse exams, i don't believe i'm thick really i actually consider myself above average intelligence wise (not saying it makes me better than anyone else because it doesn't) and due to financial commitments (living expenses etc) i would find it hard to return to education.

What i'm really hoping to find out is if i do get a good score on my barb test will my lack of qualifications hinder the options i have open to me in the forces?

if i join the army i was hoping to join as one of the three following roles Vehicle mechanic / General fitter or plumber, however all three are listed as saying "you should have at least three GCSEs at grade C or above in Maths, English Language and one other".

Were i to join the navy i would be hoping to do so as a Engineering Technician – Marine Engineering.

Will my lack of qualifications prevent me from actually progressing an application for one of these roles?

I will try to answer any questions you might have and thanks for any answers in advance.

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