Regarding method of pullups -

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Rob-89, Feb 14, 2008.

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  1. Just a quick question.

    Are you only supposed to use your biceps for doing pullups? Or is it as long as you can get your chin above the bar, the reason am saying this is because I've been doing them with my stomach muscles and the rest of my body.

  2. I dont think your allowed to use your legs for momentum either.
  3. arms fully stretched, using arms only.
  4. I have been scratching my head for a while and have to ask are you human? What shape are you if you can do pull-ups with your stomach, earlobes, spleen etc?

    Damnit! Have I fallen for another WAH!?
  5. Rob you are using your arms, but your feeling a pull on your abs thats all. Happens to me to.
  6. Must be a wah?

    If not... try and position your weight so that the bigger, more powerful back muscles take some of the load. I find it much easier this way.

  7. get your hands wide with an overgrasp grip (palms facing forward) lean slightley back and use your lats (down the sides of your back)
  8. Yeh I have heard using your strong back muscles and leaning back slightly works well...nothing wrong with using those bad boys!
  9. Not at all. Infact I would assume that you are using them regardless of whether you realise it or not. I doubt the biceps alone are strong enough or have the biomechanics to do a push up without the back.. the end of the motion isnt really an arm motion if you think about it.. could be totally wrong though.

  10. If you are doing pullups as an isolation exercise to build up you biceps then you should try to only use you biceps. Use an underhand grip and take it nice and slowly. Once you have nothing left in your biceps you can bring in those other muscles to squeeze a few more out.

    Use a wider overhand grip to pull-up using your lats.