Regarding 2013 Intakes

Does anybody know/can find out how many OPMI will be took on this year? I'm considering going for the role but if there's limited spaces and big competiton I'm not sure how I'd fare against other better suited candidates.

With dodgy grammar and poor self-confidence, I'd not bother.
Squads are reducing now, but we are still recruiting. If you want to do it then let our selection staff decide if you may be suitable, dont rule yourself out before the race. The Corps is competitive throughout a career so make sure you are from the start.

That said, retread2 is right, language is important in our role and your writing, internet forum excuses aside, is quite poor in that post!
It's not that I lack self-confidence, I'm just trying to be realistic with myself.
Anyone know anything about the actual question? :???:
They probably do, but you already know what you need to: the job exists, there is recruitment going on and the selection process is tough and highly competitive. Go for it, don't go for it, your choice.
Thank you for being straight with me. Just another question, rather off-topic but still related to recuiting... Do you decide what job you want to be enlisted for before or after you attend ADSC?
Oh no it's not on a whim - it's always been between this and one other job that both interest me equally.

-editted as a search found the answer to my question.
do i have to be? Ok. We only accept sandhurst failures and ex RSigs... Sorry!
Thank you - that's much better, and doesn't just describe the Officers.
You decide before. It also goes some way towards showing commitment to your chosen profession if you have displayed keenness for it throughout the selection and haven't just picked the Int Corps on a whim.

Whatever you do; good luck, buddy.

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What's wrong with 'Enlisted'? Civilians are enlisted into the British Army; it is the correct term.
Might be wrong, but I thought enlistment implied conscription.
Nope, conscription is the compulsory enlistment of people for a form of national service - enforced, rather than voluntary enlistment. Two very different beasts.
Take a look at the British Army Website: Joining the Army - British Army Website - type 'enlistment' into the search box and you'll get a 110 relevant documents about enlistent and re-enlistment. In my research files I have enlistment documents for soldiers going back to before WW1. The problem is that in the USA an enlisted man is a serviceman (or woman) who is not an officer and in some circumstances the term can be used pejoratively.

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