2 weeks ago I found out that my wife was pregnant and there is a possibility of her having twins.As I have step-children from her previous relationship we realised that our present car would not be big enough so we were going to have to get an MPV with a minimum of 7 seats.

After looking in all the local papers and usual motoring magazines we decided, after going shopping to, to visit Reg Vardy. This is where my woes started.

Firstly they tried to sell us a new Vauxhall Zafira/Meriva even though we said we were after a second hand car and not a Vauxhall.

Secondly they convinced us that the Renault Megane Scenic was a 7 seater even though all the ones on their forecourt were only 5 seaters. "We have a 7 seater Scenic at the other show room " was used and and as an act of good faith we paid a £99 deposit so it could be sent over(this was the Monday).
We got home and looked on all the official websites and low and behold there is no such thing as a 7 seater Scenic so I phoned Reg Vardy who said they would cancel the £99 of my wifes debit card(this was the Tuesday).

Thirdly,on the wednesday my wife was informed Reg Vardy had taken the money out twice so I again rang Reg Vardy who said they would cancel both orders but no apology for taking the money twice.About half an hour later they phoned me telling us they had a nice Renault Espace within our price range up in scotland and would we like it bringing down.We said we were interested but was informed it would not arrive till sunday so we could see it on the monday.We informed them that we would continue looking locally.

On the Thursday we found an MPV for a good price and with a good part exchange price too so we told Reg Vardy we were no longer interested in the Espace. 30mins later I recieved a call from the Used car supervisor saying that I now owed Reg Vardy £320 plus VAT for having the Espace brought down from Scotland. I asked if it was on the forecourt he said no it was still in scotland so why was i being asked to pay? He tried to convince me it was in the contract ref the Scenic but since that was stopped and was for a different vehicle why did it apply to this sale.Eventually they relented.

However today is Wednesday, a week on, and i am still waiting for a refund on my wife's card. Yes this is a huge winge and your probably bored of it by now but if you do go to Reg Vardy keep your wits about you and pay any deposit in cash not on your card.

Personnally I'll never go onto a Reg Vardy forecourt again.

patchemup said:
MPV with a minimum of 7 seats.
Save yer money mate, your frau is gonna need an new cnut after squeezing that lot out :D

Back on topic, reg vardy-wanker!
Nice to see that the Vardy Clan's fundamentalist Christian beliefs in honesty and fair dealing apply to their businesses as well as the school they run. :roll:
Perhaps it would be suitable for children then? :D
Avoid arnold clrak as well. They are the single worst company for customer service

Arnold clark sucks
Hmm. Nasty but i've got to stand up for reg and his used car blokes. Got myself a Y plate focus a few years back and took out the extra 3 year warranty at a whopping £250. About a month after this warranty kicks in the warranty company went bust. I'll give Reg some credit i've now had over £700 quid of work done on a warranty that does not exist anymore but they have said they would cover all the repairs... Just as well or I would have burned their showroom down.