Reg RA unit changes beret to honour HAC

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by TheSpecialOne, Jul 3, 2008.

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  1. A battery of the 5th Regiment RA, 4/73 (Sphinx) Battery, has changed its dark blue beret of the Royal Artillery with the khaki of the HAC.

    Earlier in the day, in what marks a historic change in the history of one of the Batteries from the Regiment - 4/73 (Sphinx) Battery, the traditional dark blue beret of the Royal Artillery was replaced with a khaki-coloured beret.

    The change came about as a result of the Battery working closely, in times of war, with the Honourable Artillery Company who are part of the Household Division. The khaki beret is the colour beret that the Household Division wear and so to mark this close working relationship the beret has been changed.

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  3. Ref HAC, I think you will find that they live in the surreal world of being part of the Royal Regt whilst coming under the Household Div, last time i was up that way they had a Guards RSM and I "think" they have the odd PS personnel from each group as well

    4/73 have been itching for a new beret for years, last time I was up thataways the rumour was to have a rather sandy looking beret, didn't think that would wash.

    I myself have concerns over this, adopting the beret of a parent unit stinks of REME and AGC, 7 and 29 adopt a brigade accoutrement (with added courses of course) which is acceptable but whats next ? Rifle berets and TOS's ? (Before anyone says it I am full aware about pipers in 19 and 40)
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Khaki as a beret colour has been the Infantry on and off since WW2. Only the Light Div stayed with one colour consistently until the Gds accepted Berets for dress.
  5. Does it really matter when non Arty blokes had their own berets anyway? This will make them look a bit more uniformal(untill you get up close and see the different cap badges!)
  6. Good for recruiting, which is the only reason it's been done.
  7. Did no one tell yer man in the middle who appears to be wearing a forage cap?
  8. TOSs? as sported by the glorious 204 (Tyneside Scottish) Battery RA(V).

    No one could ever accuse them of bowing to any affiliation - fact is they've been making up their own dress regs for the pst 94 years (although the TOS has now been officially approved!).
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  10. And 2 HAC as well.
  11. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    No duff question: Why are private soldiers in the HAC called Troopers and not Gunners as per the rest of the RA?
  12. Because:

    1. The HAC are not in the RA.

    2. When they combined the HAC Inf Bn and Gun Bty in 1973 they wanted a neutral term - the Inf having used Private and the Bty Gunner previously.

  13. If you are talking about the the lad with the red titles and no lanyard at the back, hes HAC not guards, to confuse it more if you lokk at the laydee at the from she is wearing a HAC buckle which looks suspiciously like a Gren Guards one.

    I think the more disturbing thing is seeing the bloody wedgy with the flat camp, my god a ruffian in the ranks whatever next, standards gentlemen.
  14. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Oh, didn't know that. So what branch are they? I was working on wellhead's comment above: