Reg or TA ? Just left education.

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yo, wonder if anyone can help? , its more of an advice request

situation is;

Currently working a job in retail as a full time sales person, its dull as dish water and selling things to people is quite boring to be honest, selling insurance and putting stock out isnt what I would call a stimulating full time job.

At the moment, have been in contact with my local TA centre and should be going to the careers office again, to fill out forms for joining the TA, I picked TA as it would give me something to do in my spare time and earn money, not only that but I would also be using skills I already have and know as used to be a cadet up until sgt. so I know field craft, skill at arms, drill etc.. (keeping fitness up and generally spending spare time doing something rather than skulking around dreading the next day of work talking to grumpy old people wanting to buy a dishwasher!)

I want to join army air corps, but apparently there is a 2 year waiting list for regs, so is it worth going TA and keeping my current dull job or putting in an application whilst training with the TA?

Im not sure what the process is when applying for regular, apparently you can apply even if they arent accepting new recruits, so does that mean going to ADSC and getting told to go home or getting offered an alternative, as I dont want to join some random infantry regiment. (what im getting at is that i'd ,rather do AAC TA if i cant get into regualr AAC at the moment, maybe then further down the line if they need more people, they will see I have commited myself)

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
True that, I knew there was significant risk of getting trolled, but the main focus of this is about joining Regular. The rest of it is whats the alternative. I don't think it fits in either section.
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