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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by davethomson2007, Jun 25, 2007.

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am 23 and have 6 GCSE's, 2 AS Levels, An Advanced VCE, An A Level and a Degree at 2:2 level in Business Management.

    I am sort of torn now because i am joining the parachute reg at present but as a regular soldier. With my age and qualifications do you think i should be aiming at Officer Status?

    I dont have a C in Maths at GCSE and they are seeing if i am still able to apply to be an officer.

    Just wondering what people think?

    Are there advantages for people with degrees entering as a reg?


  2. Reg, see what its like at the bottom get experience all that sort of stuff then be a officer who knows what hes talking about after words.
  3. If you've got no burning desire to be an officer then dont get caught up in whether you feel you ought to be one just because you have a degree. If you just want to get stuck in and soldier then join and you'll have an interesting and challenging career along the OR and NCO ladder, very possibly even more so, depending on why you want to join. At 23 you will have time to get picked out along the way for RCB if your leadership shines though should you decide thats the right path. But if you join and find you hate it as an officer and its not your style thats more of a problem. Maybe somebody can enlighten us as to cases where this has happened though.
    A compromise if you are worried about wasting your qualifications could be to join RE and aim for the Para Engineer squadron. But it all comes down to what your motivation to join is obviously.
  4. If you join the Paras as a soldier, there is limited chances of you joining again (post RMAS) as an Officer, altough should you make it through the factory, you would have a very strong chance to join the Inf as an Offr. I'm afraid you need to choose which life you would prefer.

  5. If you want to be a soldier become a soldier and see where you go from there, if you want to and feel you have the ability to command and lead then try for Sandhurst. I always respected the cadets that came through the ranks and they were the ones to watch, I remember a Sgt pilot AAC who went through RMAS in the late 70's what an outstanding man he was.
  6. Not really a question is it?

    1. Start as a soldier, be at the bottom of the sh1t heap, crap pay and prospects, get all of the worst tasks and live in sub standard accommodation.

    2. Go via RMAS exactly the sanme as above except you give the worst of it to the soldiers but as life goes on life gets better than it possibly could do for ORs.
  7. Why spend years trying to reach the rank of officer when you can start at one. You can always transfer across to the para's as an officer if you can pass the P Course
  8. The no C in Maths should be negated by your degree I think!!!!

    Just do what you want to do, if you can't decide then you're not officer material anyway.