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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Bootifull, Jul 13, 2011.

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  1. What happens if you turn down your quarter offer?

    It is a fact of life in the Army that no two married quarters are ever the same. This is fine if you find yourself moving from a smaller, shabbier house to a bigger, smarter one, but not when it’s the other way around. When this happens moving house on posting takes on a whole new level of stress.

    So what happens if, having received your quarter offer, you’ve popped round to view your new home and, horror of horrors, you realise that its too small for your furniture, has no garden, overlooks a major main road and is miles away from the unit and you only have one car between you? Naturally your first instinct will be to reject the quarter and await another offer in the hope that it will be something better (or maybe even somewhere that you actually requested on the 1132 application!). It is at this point that you should stop and think seriously about the consequences of rejecting the quarter offer. Unfortunately, it is another fact of life that there is an increasing shortage of married quarters in many areas in the UK. Therefore, if you decide to turn down your first offer for personal reasons you will automatically go to the bottom of the housing waiting list (having also lost your eligibility to a private hiring). In areas where quarters are still plentiful, you should receive a second offer fairly quickly but, if you happen to be applying to an area that is short of quarters, you may spend weeks, even months, awaiting a second offer. The penalty for this decision may be that the serving member of the household will be required to go ahead and start the new job leaving the rest of the family behind. You may also find that you can only retain for 28 days at your previous location before the Housing Information Centre (HIC) serve you with a Notice to Vacate, thus leaving you stuck between the two locations with no quarter at all!

    I should explain at this point that under the JSP 464 housing regulations, ‘personal reasons’ covers absolutely every conceivable reason you can possibly think of for refusing a quarter. Here are a few of the more common ones:
    •Furniture doesn’t fit
    •Lack of garden
    •Too close to a main road
    •No garage
    •Too far away from unit
    •Too far away from school and no transport
    •Flat offered when house preferred
    •Poor state of repair/decoration
    •Bedrooms too small for children to share

    The only permitted reason for refusing an offer, and not having to go to the bottom of a waiting list, being when the HIC makes an offer of SFA below entitlement. Not much room for manoeuvre there then.

    Of course, as families, many of us have experienced the frustration of being told that there are no quarters in the area that we have requested to move to, only then to find out on arrival that there are several houses that have been empty for months awaiting repairs, or others occupied by families that are no longer stationed in the area. DIO Ops Accommodation, with the support of the chain of command, are working to ensure that families are occupying quarters only in their entitled locations, or that they have a legitimate reason for retaining a quarter in a previous location.

    So before you reject that first SFA offer, give some serious thought to the possible consequences for your family. If you have already turned down one house and are considering rejecting a second offer, then you may find yourself struggling to obtain any quarter allocation at all as the JSP 464 housing regulations only require the HIC to make two offers of SFA.

    If you wish to consult JSP 464 tri-Service Accommodation Regulations (TSARs) they can be found on the DIO website
  2. I think you can refuse 2 offers, after that you have to make your own arrangements. Get the welfare Officer on to it.

    I have refused in the past for some of the above reasons.
  3. The RSM of my new unit would be unhappy if my family were evicted from the quarter at the last unit, with no descent quarter at teh next.

    As my new quarter would be my caravan in the middle of the square...
  4. Good info above, thanks!

    I've just been given my new address in Bulford, took the wife there today to look at the 'newly refurbished house' we had been promised to find a small flat with no parking and a smaller garden than we have now for all 4 flats... Needless to say neither of us were impressed!

    The worry is if I turn this place down and they offer something worse I'm in an even harder place!
  5. I'm having a bit of an issue having been posted to a new unit with no quarters available. They offered me an alternative which I rejected for a number of reasons but the main one being that it was over 20 miles from my dute station (which is in contravention of the JSP). I foolishly used the RAC planner which says its 23.5 miles, they (DIO) use the AA planner which says it's 18.5 miles. My problem is that the AA planner has chosen a route that is bizarre. The last 5 miles are single track country roads that aren't even maintained by the local council. They are only used by tractors going from one farmers field to the next. I know this sounds bone but can you appeal the 'route selection'?
  6. When I got posted to Blandford, from a 2 bed house in Germany to a 3 bed house, on Gunville Down Road, I said to the Housing lady when I was doing the handover, that my furniture wouldn't fit in the house. The living room furniture wouldn't fit in the living room and dining room combined! She said 'You'll just have to sell everything and buy new' I nearly ******* murdered her, we'd only had the stuff 18 months. I had to put half of our household contents into storage. And I wasn't allowed to claim for the cost. Baggashite
  7. I think you'll find its 50 miles actually. However, simply statethat you have no car available to transport you to your place of work, that the provision of public transport is not adequate to do so, and that you will expect your gaining unit to provide transport to and from your place of residence.
  8. Having just read the JSP it says that outside of London it is 20 miles. To go outside this it need the local area commander to sanction the approval.
  9. Received a list of houses to choose from last Mon some with lots of detail and others with very little detail. I phoned the housing people to ask for details for a couple of houses missing stuff that the others were showing to be told there was nothing else available on those houses. Logged onto the housing site on Fri to find all the houses i had been given to pick from had gone and that i had been offered what looks like the worst one of the lot.
    My question is, how long do you have from receiving the list of houses that are available for you to make your preference to those houses being withdrawn and you being offered 1 house?
    I had planned on picking my preferences on Fri which would have been 5 days and would have given me a chance to drive down and look at the options.
    I consider 5 days to be reasonable if you do not live loacally, what is the actual time frame or is there one at all?
  10. I'm in the same boat, I have been offered 6 absolute dogs, refugees wouldn't accept them. Retaining my current MQ isn't an option. To that end, what room for manoeuvre do I have and what is worth trying?