Refusing awards?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by bigjarofwasps, Mar 21, 2007.

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  1. Hi,

    Can anyone confirm for me whether in the US military its possible to refuse an award. I believe you can`t in the UK military, but Lawrence of Arabia did but thats another story. I`m currently reading a book, during which it is alledged that a US marine refuses the Navy Cross for rescueing a wounded marine under fire, stating he was only doing his duty? Can anyone shine any light on this?
  2. DEtails of the book, location of incident and name of the marine might help the crystal ball gazers put such detail in Google and do that for you.
  3. Lawrence of Arabia did not refuse all awards. He was decorated with both the CB and DSO. He later applied for leave to be removed from the register of members of the DSO (it is an order not a medal) but technically was a Companion of the Order of the Bath until his death. He did however refuse the knighthood (KCB) which was offered to him, much to the chagrin of King George V!
  4. Cuddles,

    Did he say why?

  5. I refused an award once... had to opt for courts martial instead.
  6. It is generally believed that TE Lawrence got all moody and out of shape, to the point of refusing his knighthood because he thought we had shabbily dealt with the A-rabs. However it is also thought that his sad-on commenced in 1918 when his long term Arab "companion", Serim Ali, died of typhus. Having been "chums" for five or six years, the loss of the lad devastated TE, who became quite morose.
  7. Mentioned here by Churchill - starts at page 20 of the pdf.

    Johnny - good thing there are still some of us old investigators around to find things?
  8. Cheers Guys, the Marine in question was Domenic Esquibel.

    The Cad do tell your tale!!!! I`d very much like to hear it!!!
  9. Tea all over the keyboard
  10. I believe that C/Sgt Bourne refused a VC after the action at Rourke's Drift in 1879, however that was because he requested a commission instead, which he was granted...
  11. ORC,

    At your age dear chap, I was most surprised that you didn't bump into old TE in the Mess.

  12. We would not allow 'his sort' into the Sgts' Mess - except possibly at Christmas when almost anything was permitted.
  13. Apparently he was awarded the DCM, he was offered an immediate commission after Rorke's Drift, but he declined - however was commissioned in 1890 as a Quartermaster.

  14. Probable these days that being of a 'certain sort' is the only way into the Sgt's Mess. Basing that on the comment placed on a consultation document by an SIB Major who was 'pleased to be leaving before it is made compulsory'