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refused phone contract?


Anyone know how credit checks work? I tried to get a phone on 24 month contract with vodafone and after credit check they said I could only get a sim contract.
Have only been in the UK 2 years and moving address from barracks to barracks probably doesn't help but I didn't think phone contracts were that hard to get - its not a f-ing mortgage. I don't owe anything (maybe thats what I'm doing wrong) and pay my bike insurance annully as a one off - perhaps they are looking for regular bill paying. Have also heard that getting insurance quotes require a check and will be noted and I've gotten quite a few lately looking for a cheaper renewal but I don't know if I believe that could have an effect. Also heard I should enrol to vote as this is useful.
Anyone in the know think someones made a mistake or know what I can do to change things.
Its because you have no credit history. Go to your bank and get a credit card (owning a credit card does not mean you have to use it), if you have the cash and need the phone offer to pay up front.


I did offer to pay up front ie. £25 X 24 months but they said no (or at least the girl behind the counter said no). Looked at buying just the phone and putting it on a contract but its strangely cheaper in the long run too put it on credit. So if I apply for a credit card how long does the credit history take to change? The girl in the shop said I'll be blacklisted for 3 months but she really didn't seem like the brightest crayon in the box.


Recently Vodafone cut off my PAYG plan for not utilizing outgoing calls or texts over my phone for 6mths and this is total bullshit because of their business monopolies. Im on a 18 month contract with Vodafone and i cant tell you enough how much of a bad decision i have made. I have regretted moving to Vodafone but should have stayed with t-mobile. I cant wait i might even pay off my contract to get rid of these people. Their advertising best mobile phone deals and their prices makes them seem like the most reliable network providers. In my personal experience this is not true.

In the past i have used payg phones offered by both orange and t-mobiles and this time i switched to Vodafone by buying samsung galaxy s2 on PAYG while orange jst offers rubbish services and unfortunately t-mobiles which have been so best in past few years did not offer sgs2 on contract as they lacked it's availability 3 mnths back when i intended to buy sgs2 hence i was compelled to buy it from Vodafone on 18 mnths contract.

Previously i wasn't at all satisfied in utilizing the services orange offered me last year when i bought it on contract for 18 mnths which got expired prior to subscribing to present Vodafone deal however currently i am not at all satisfied with present Vodafone PAYG deal and i feel again im stuck in the same situation as i was last year but now i have understood its always better to buy a sim free unlocked phone and stay free without any restriction and could easily switch to other providers as per one's will rather being confined like a pet dog to a particular network carrier.


look at local council website to see about getting on electoral register


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Also heard I should enrol to vote as this is useful.

Theres your clue. The job is run by computers and if they cant get you on the electoral roll they assume you are living in a piss stained bag under a motorway bridge.

In the short term, stroll into your local Indian takeaway and say "A chicken vindaloo with pilaw rice and a garlic nan. Twenty quid for a PAYG phone. Oh, and a bag of chips. Cheers"
Perhaps they just looked at you and thought "This cnut has got nothing to say that anyone could possibly want to hear"

Fair one.

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